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How To Shine With Your Citizens

Customer service is not just for businesses anymore. Producing happy customers is just as important for municipalities as it is for business, albeit for the opposite reason. Businesses want their customers to return and spend more money.  Municipalities need to create happy citizens, so they don’t come back and consume more resources, or worse yet,…
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7 Ways to Create a Lifelong Customer This Holiday Season

Having a customer service plan in place before the holiday season is key to acing shopping days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. A customer’s journey is longer than you might think. Traditionally, you’d assume that it begins with a customer finding you and ends with a sale. While important, what gives your business longevity…
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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Customer Service

In this new century, whether you’re a business owner or head of a government agency, customer satisfaction comes down to every single transaction. That one bad review can result in untold losses.  There is no hiding from social media reviews. One wrong move, and your customer service mistake is broadcast to the masses via Twitter,…
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Company Spotlight

Caiden Tuller Throughout its long history, DiRAD has been able to retain the best and brightest people by promoting a workplace that is professional yet laid back; a think-tank culture where ideas are freely exchanged and adventures with “bleeding edge” technology are encouraged. We love to highlight the incredibly talented individuals who make our workplace…
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Are Contact Centers at a Crossroads?

Making the choice to hire a contact center service is an easy one if you want to offer customers better service and engagement around the clock. It makes perfect sense. Serve your customers by getting their questions answered, and their problems solved.   After about 60 years in existence, contact centers have improved practices and…
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4 Signs You May NOT Be Customer-Centric

We’ve all seen the signs of bad customer service. Those are easy to spot. Rude staff, bad manners, forgotten orders. But what about the more passive instances that might not be obvious to everyone, but soon snowball into a full-fledged affront to the customers you profess to care so deeply about? The little things add…
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