Company Spotlight – Maria Massa, President and COO

DiRAD is its people – we firmly believe in building a company culture around our personnel and not the other way around. Our low turnover rate on employees is proof of that. This edition of the DiRAD Technologies Company Spotlight features DiRAD’s longest-running employee, President and COO Maria Massa. She didn’t start in that position…
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What to Look for When Outsourcing Customer Care

Increase your company’s profits by selling more. That’s one way to outperform competitors. A smarter way to increase profits is by outsourcing some of your business activities. If you rely on a large volume of customer interactions, it may be time to consider outsourcing customer care. Customer interactions could mean inbound phone calls. It could…
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Improve Customer Experience from the First Call

Customer experience/service has increasingly become an area in which companies compete, so having the right system in place is critical. Have you ever called a business, only to be greeted by a clunky IVR system? You know the kind we’re talking about. You call in with what seems like a simple enough question or request,…
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IVR vs. Voicebots – Which one do I use?

How many customers are you missing out on because you lack the resources to interact with them 24 hours a day? You might be ready to consider automating your communications to capture those contacts that usually walk away because they can’t reach you. Most organizations start looking at voice automation when call volume is overwhelming,…
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A Technology Consultant with Heart

At DiRAD, we treat our employees like family. Our office is a safe place, full of communication and maybe even a few pets. We love to highlight the incredible folks who make us the company we are by interviewing them and sharing their responses in our company spotlight. This month’s company spotlight is on Lindsey…
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Why Your Business Needs To Move To Cloud-Based Phone Service

Why your phone system needs to move to the cloud People still think of the phrase, ‘in the cloud’ as a fancy way of meaning ‘expensive premium technology only meant for the enterprise company.’ In fact, cloud technology is simply the delivery of services through a network that allows you to store and share information….
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