Why Your Business Needs To Move To Cloud-Based Phone Service

Why your phone system needs to move to the cloud People still think of the phrase, ‘in the cloud’ as a fancy way of meaning ‘expensive premium technology only meant for the enterprise company.’ In fact, cloud technology is simply the delivery of services through a network that allows you to store and share information….
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Free Work From Home Software for Call Centers

Now your call center can efficiently and quickly replace your work from home software, without the huge price tag – We’re proud to offer our communications solutions at the best price available on the market (price match guaranteed) and no monthly contracts! We are the only telecommunications service that offers quality work from home software,…
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Make COVID Surveys Touch-Free!

Tech Tuesday Tip – Limit in-person contact & handling of frequently touched items, like a COVID Survey! Our COVID Survey System is touch-free, easy to use, and inexpensive. It’s also NO CONTRACTS! When you no longer need it, just cancel it. FEATURES: • Create telephone and text message surveys to assess COVID risk for people entering…
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What are chatbots, and how do they work?

If you’re reading this article, you’re using software, or simply a collection of computer instructions that tell your electronic devices how to work. Not to blow your mind, but… the technology involved to let you casually browse the internet is astounding. The internet is built upon these computer instructions. Chatbots are computer programs, too. They…
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