Americans enjoy the most dependable utility services in the world – thanks to the people who work hard to provide them. As a highly-regulated, under-the-microscope, scrutinized organization, the public utility constantly walks the fine line between providing reliable services and the ever-increasing costs of doing so. With cutting edge contact center, chatbot and IVR solutions, DiRAD helps utilities leverage technology to streamline, consolidate and automate their customer service operations.

Contact Center Automation

Customer Experience encompasses the whole of the customer journey. The proper contact center solution ensures that journey stays positive throughout the customer’s interaction with your utility. In an industry where KPI’s are measured on a daily basis, DiRAD’s contact center solutions allow customers to interact with your utility via voice, web chat, email, SMS and social media. This increases customer satisfaction immediately – if implemented with the right technology partner.

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Interactive Voice Response

Our Interactive Voice Response solutions for utilities focuses on inbound and outbound solutions that help to maximize customer service when agents are not available.

DiRAD IVR features include:

  • Inbound Outage systems with elastic capacity for spikes in call volume, and web-based dashboards allowing utilities to pivot their message automatically based on real-time information
  • Outbound reminders, shutoff and meter appointments
  • Telephone Bill Payment via PCI-compliant technologies
  • Commercial and Residential automated services, integrated with your backend databases

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Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

With a need to provide 24×7 service, utilities can take advantage of Virtual Assistants, aka Chatbots, which leverage Artificial Intelligence to interact with utility customers. DiRAD’s solutions using IBM Watson and Google AI provide automated customer services that offer natural language interactions. Features of our chatbots include:

  • Fully customized for your utility
  • Data integration
  • Multiple languages and translation on-the-fly
  • Constantly updated and tuned
  • Web Dashboard for reports and administration
  • Live transfer support

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Utilities Client Projects

Memphis Light, Gas & Water

DiRAD provided a next-generation call center platform, PureConnect from Genesys, to improve their customers’ experience.

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