Introducing DiRAD Reach Mass Notification

Real-Time Notifications with DiRAD Reach

DiRAD Reach helps government, public, and private organizations communicate to the masses over any device and multiple channels, using a secure web portal. DiRAD’s Mass Notification Solutions are designed for everyday use, as well as emergency situations.

DiRAD Mass Notification Solution Features:

  • Can rapidly send voice calls, text messages, and emails. DiRAD Reach can also be customized to send Push Notifications and operate on private 5G networks.
  • Sends messages and voice calls over partner carriers that have demonstrated 99.99% SLA reliability, with elastic capacity that ensures rapid delivery of calls and messages.
  • Our solution includes a user-friendly, graphical interface that requires almost zero training to use.
  • Allows you to build custom queries that align with your data, so that you don’t have to change your files to use Reach.
  • Can send personalized messages in many different languages.
  • Pricing is usage based, with no hidden fees, and available on our government contracts.

DiRAD Mass Text Notification System Benefits:

  • Valuable tool for employers to notify employees in the office and in the field
  • Granular notification confines alerts to critical areas, avoiding unnecessary panic
  • Enables day-to-day use for non-emergency notifications
  • Two-way communication provides a sense of control for callers, reducing frustration and maintaining calm

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