DiRAD Technologies is proud to partner with Amazon to offer customized solution design, deployment and support of Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex,  which provide world-class customer experiences while minimizing deployment time and costs.  DiRAD helps customers implement professional call center solutions by providing a complete, turnkey solution.

Amazon Connect
Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use, cloud-based omnichannel contact center, helps smaller businesses elevate their customer experiences with fewer resources while increasing remote agents’ efficiency. With DiRAD Technologies and Amazon Connect, you can launch quickly, train agents in minutes, and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve customer interactions.

Amazon features and benefits include:

Easy telephony setup: Amazon Connect manages a network of telephony providers from around the world, removing the need for you to manage multiple vendors, negotiate complex multi-year contracts, or commit to peak call volumes.

Web and Mobile Chat: With Amazon Lex natively integrated within contact flows, routing, and chat, to service customers directly, requires no coding to add Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered chatbots and for the context of the conversations to be passed automatically when escalated to a human agent.

Omnichannel Routing: Amazon Connect has a single UI across voice, chat, and tasks for contact routing, queuing, analytics, and management. This omnichannel experience means that call center agents don’t have to learn and work across multiple tools. With Amazon Connect you can also use the same automated interactions and chatbots across both channels, so you don’t have to rebuild interaction flows, increasing operational efficiency.

Click here for a full list of features including the newest preview functionality.

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex allows you to provide chatbots with conversational AI, and embed the chatbots into text and voice applications. With Amazon Lex, you can:

Build virtual agents and voice assistants: Enable self-service capabilities with virtual contact center agents and interactive voice response (IVR). Users can change a password or schedule an appointment without speaking to a human agent.

Automate informational responses:  Design conversational solutions that provide responses to frequently asked questions. Customize the delivery of news updates, scores, or weather with support for rich message formatting.

Improve production with application bots: Automate basic user tasks in your application with powerful chatbots. Seamlessly integrate with other enterprise software through AWS Lambda and manage user access with Amazon Cognito.

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