Headquartered in Clifton Park NY, DiRAD implements innovative technology solutions including call center software, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and IP/PBX (VoIP) telephony systems. DiRAD’s team of developers has also created amazing solutions that leverage innovative technologies like AI-powered virtual customer assistant, and chatbots to create “living” applications that can step in when a person is unavailable. DiRAD is always at the edge of technology, constantly looking for solutions that will help our customers do more with less.

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Culture, Mission and Values

Throughout its long history, DiRAD has been able to retain the best and brightest people by promoting a workplace that is professional yet laid back; a think-tank culture where ideas are freely exchanged and adventures with “bleeding edge” technology are encouraged. Change is mandatory, fancy clothes are optional, and egos are left at the door. We value the customer above all else and go to great lengths to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We’ve been successful for over 35 years by adhering to one credo: Take care of the customer first, and everything else will take care of itself.

Meet the Leadership Team

Maria Massa, President/COO DiRAD Technologies

Maria Massa, President/COO

Maria has spent more than 25 years at DiRAD, honing her management skills and providing guidance on complex projects with large budgets and multiple dependencies.

Maria’s primary role is to oversee all business operations.  As the president of a Woman-Owned Business, her secondary role is to pursue relationships with government entities, other Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses, and primary contractors as they look for trusted partners.

Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the State University of New York at Binghamton.  She enjoys family time and her children’s sports activities.

John Michne, Vice President of DiRAD Technologies

John Michne, Vice President

John brings over two decades of experience to his role, having worked in just about every position in the company. As Vice President, John’s primary role is to evolve DiRAD’s legendary innovation in the government communications space as a national solution provider.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Oswego, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the State University of New York. John also holds several Microsoft and Genesys technical certifications.

In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, fitness and family time.

Rami Hachem, Vice President of DiRAD Technologies

Rami Hachem, CTO

Rami is DiRAD’s number one Customer Advocate. Rami’s responsibilities include aligning DiRAD’s technology offerings with the needs of our customers, while ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Rami oversees all Technical Support operations, and onsite project deployments, as well as employee development and education. Rami holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the State University of New York at Morrisville. Rami also holds many technical certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and Interactive Intelligence.

During those brief periods of free time, Rami can be found with his family.

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