Headquartered in Clifton Park NY, DiRAD is all about the Contact Center Stack: Our technology offerings include contact center software implementation, Interactive Voice and Virtual Assistants, and Mass Notification. DiRAD’s team of developers has also created amazing solutions that leverage innovative technologies like AI-powered virtual customer assistant, and chatbots to create “living” applications that can step in when a person is unavailable. DiRAD is always at the edge of technology, constantly looking for solutions that will help our customers do more with less.

On the people side, DiRAD offers a fully staffed Contact Center that can accommodate on premise and remote agents.  We combine our customer service and technology expertise to deliver a world-class Customer Experience (CX) for customers of our clients in government, health care, and business.

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Throughout its long history, DiRAD has been able to retain the best and brightest people by promoting a workplace that is professional yet laid back; a think-tank culture where ideas are freely exchanged and adventures with “bleeding edge” technology are encouraged. Change is mandatory, fancy clothes are optional, and egos are left at the door. We value the customer above all else and go to great lengths to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We’ve been successful for over 35 years by adhering to one credo: Take care of the customer first, and everything else will take care of itself.


Our mission is to help organizations create happy customers by providing technology and services that dramatically improve customer service while ultimately lowering costs. Our goals and objectives revolve around the fact that DiRAD’s owners are not entrepreneurs, but technologists whose day-to-day objective is to make sure our customers are happy – if we’re successful in that objective, our company will grow.


During our 38-year history, we’ve seen many exuberant companies come and go. We prefer slow and steady growth, without taking on long-term debt.

We value respect, transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback. We have no tolerance for disrespect, office politics or discrimination of any kind.

We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo – how can we improve? Where is our technology taking us next? Who is a potential partner?

Do the right thing.

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