We’re easy to work with. From solution purchase to technical support, the relationship with our customer comes before the business transaction. This customer-centric philosophy has resulted in relationships that last decades.

We Engage in the Relentless Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

You’ll never hear us say, “It’s not our problem.” Rather than point fingers, we coordinate with your IT staff and vendors to work toward a common goal.

We don’t hold our customers hostage. For our government customers especially, we work within (and sometimes around) your procurement process so we can continue to support you.

We demystify technology, filtering out the noise and tech jargon, while focusing on the customer’s business issues and how we can solve them.

DiRAD employees tend to stick around. At DiRAD, turnover is unheard of. Good pay, benefits, dignity, and respect are the hallmarks of our retention plan. We believe happy employees are the gateway to happy customers. The results reveal themselves when you consider the long-term relationships we have with our customers.

We’ll never tell you it can’t be done. Our technical staff are some of the smartest people around. At DiRAD, they’re free to try new things, and when challenged, to invent their own solutions if that’s what it takes. That’s why we have a track record of solving problems where others have failed.