Below are some of the projects that DiRAD has helped develop and implement. From contact center and VoIP phone solutions for state agencies to IVR systems for transit authorities, DiRAD has used their knowledge, experience, and technology to improve communications nationwide.

Atlanta Housing

To address the call volume and customer service issues, AH contracted with DiRAD to provide a next-generation IVR to provide 24×7 automated customer services.

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Volusia County Division of Corrections

To handle the thousands of calls per week by often frantic callers trying to find the status of an inmate, this busy Florida jail contracted DiRAD to design an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution.

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Hampton Roads Transit

DiRAD provided a next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) specifically for telephone users, which would accept natural language commands and filter out background noise.

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Memphis Light, Gas & Water

DiRAD provided a next-generation call center platform, PureConnect from Genesys, to improve their customers’ experience.

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South Carolina Dept Social Services

DiRAD designed a multilingual, speech-enabled IVR that handles all calls to the agency and automates inquiries for case status and benefits information.

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New York City Administration for Children’s Services

DiRAD implemented PureConnect from Genesys. Beginning as a single IVR application and a small ACD, the system has grown into a critical communications hub for the entire agency.

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Board of Elections in the City of New York

Utilizing the PureConnect solution from Genesys, DiRAD implemented a multi-site contact center solution in Manhattan and Staten Island.

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