With over 5,000 employees and tens of thousands of children and families in the care of New York City Administration for Children’s Services, the agency is mandated to answer calls from providers, clients, parents, and family members. Handling this call traffic while trying to provide excellent customer service puts an enormous strain on the agency and its employees.

The Challenge: Deliver A Unified Communications Solution

Handling the volume and variety of call traffic the agency receives while trying to provide excellent customer service puts an enormous strain on the agency and its employees. In order to continue to provide excellent child welfare, juvenile justice, and early care and education services, a reliable, integrated and unified communications solution is needed.

The Solution: Custom Communications Hub For Entire Agency

DiRAD was retained to address challenges and come up with a solution that could handle all types of communication: phone, email, chat, SMS, fax and voicemail. Not only did these channels have to work together, they also needed to reside on the same platform. For this, DiRAD implemented PureConnect from Genesys. Beginning as a single IVR application and a small ACD, the system has grown into a critical communications hub for the entire agency. The communications system now includes:

  • (14) IVR and departmental workgroup applications for as many different departments in multiple languages
  • Contact Center for multiple departments and applications
  • Integration with agency-wide Oracle database
  • Emergency Notification System, built on Genesys PureConnect integrated with Oracle
  • Custom messaging system for over 3,000 caseworkers
  • 500-user Fax Server
  • TTY Over VoIP software solution

The Results: Improved Customer Service Levels And Lower Costs

  • The unified communications solution saves time and resources by automating much of the call traffic.
  • The premise-based configuration ensures security and full control, as well as a lower total cost of ownership compared to cloud-based services over a 5-year period.
  • Customer service levels are improved due to more efficient call handling.
  • The customer can now add multimedia channels like SMS, Webchat, Email, and Fax.

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