Chatbots and Voicebots to Automate Customer Engagement.

Virtual Customer Assistants Save Time, Money, and Customers

Virtual Customer Assistant & chatbot services provide customers with instant answers to common requests through 24/7 automated support. Virtual Customer Assistant software is a cost-effective solution for call centers or businesses that handle a larger volume of common inquiries and frees up your agents so they can focus on more complex requests and tasks.

Why Utilize a Virtual Customer Assistant Development Company?

Chatbots, voice bots, and virtual customer assistants are applications that leverage machine learning to conduct conversational interactions. Customers can speak freely about what they want, and the AI application “understands” commands whether they are spoken over the phone, typed, or sent via SMS text messages. However, proper design is critical, especially since the virtual customer assistant can be the first point of contact with your business.

Examples Where Virtual Customer Assistants & Chatbots Are Beneficial For Businesses & Call Centers

DiRAD’s Virtual Customer Assistant services provide the ability to choose from many different devices and applications to ensure the best fit for your call center, small business, or large enterprise.

Status apps – “When does my check come in?” or “Is my car ready?”

Customer Service – Using AI blended with live agents can provide first and second level customer service 24×7, without the hassle of waiting in a queue.

Scheduling – A calendar-integrated chatbot can manage appointments, cancellations, and reminders.

Troubleshooting – From simple password resets to interactive problem-solving applications that are industry- and product-specific.

Work With The Virtual Customer Assistant & Chatbot Development Experts

While the hype around chatbots and virtual customer assistants is real, customers who wish to implement them still need to build the conversational interface. A poorly-designed chatbot application can be disastrous as it will repeat its faults for every customer it converses with. DiRAD AI experts work with customers to learn their business case and design virtual customer assistant software that acts as front-line agents 24×7, complimenting and enhancing live customer service offerings. DiRAD Technologies continuously monitors and tunes the chatbot, while its machine learning capabilities make it smarter with every interaction.

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