Make COVID Surveys Touch-Free!

Limit in-person contact & handling of frequently touched items, like a COVID Survey! Our COVID Survey System is touch-free, easy to use, and inexpensive. It’s also NO CONTRACTS! When you no longer need it, just cancel it.   FEATURES: • Create telephone and text message surveys to assess COVID risk for people entering your facilities, and…
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What are chatbots, and how do they work?

If you’re reading this article, you’re using software, or simply a collection of computer instructions that tell your electronic devices how to work. Not to blow your mind, but… the technology involved to let you casually browse the internet is astounding. The internet is built upon these computer instructions. Chatbots are computer programs, too. They…
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Get to Know the DiRAD Technologies Team

John Michne is a big part of the cog-work that makes DiRAD run like a smooth piece of machinery. The day to day management of our sales operations fall on his shoulders, and as one of the owners of the company, he takes his job very seriously. Here’s a short interview with the man himself,…
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When Customer Satisfaction Is Down, Get Up!

Signs of falling customer satisfaction show in different ways. Sometimes it’s poor reviews, customer complaints, or a sudden, high volume of calls. When a sign like higher than normal customer calls occurs, it’s time to act. But, how do you handle it? What’s the best way to respond and address this serious warning sign and…
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Automate Tasks, See Real Business Growth

Business gets more and more complex with each passing year. Customers expect more even though the marketplace is full of uncertainty. How does a business maintain itself when the environment is so unpredictable and complicated? One answer: stop doing manual tasks that cost your business time and money! If you just asked yourself “Automate tasks…
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DiRAD Tech Experiences Growth!

July was an amazing month here at DiRAD. We celebrated independence day with our families, saw great growth in business by welcoming new clients, and most exciting of all – growth on our team! Tracy Liebenow is the new HR Coordinator for DiRAD Technologies, and the team couldn’t be more excited. She comes with years…
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