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How Chatbots Transform Customer Experience

Imagine having an unlimited number of employees who are available all day every day to help your customers with their questions and support related issues, all with no waiting, on the device of the customers’ choosing. And in their language, whatever that may be. That’s basically what Chatbots can provide. They can completely change how…
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Chatbot Trends

Chatbots are an exciting technology that offers businesses across a wide variety of industries unique solutions for interacting with customers. The advancement in chatbot technology has been very exciting for business owners and tech geeks alike. However, what is yet to come is far more exciting! Check out this chatbot trends infographic to get a…
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How To Choose A Business Phone System

Many professionals tasked with upgrading their business’s phone system do not have a background in communications technology, and may not even know where to start. There is a lot of confusion in the industry, and it can take lots of research to figure out exactly what you may need. To help out anyone who is…
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cost of bad customer service infographic

The True Cost of Bad Customer Service

Ever wonder how important your customer service team is? Spoiler….it’s more important than you think. As business owners, we all know that acquiring a new customer can cost significantly more than keeping an existing customer. However, customer service is often the weakest point in a business, costing billions of dollars per year. Most of the…
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inside school classroom

How VoIP Phone Systems Can Improve School Safety

Everyone agrees the health and safety of our students is priority number one. Schools, communities, and local leaders want to do all that they can to make schools as safe as possible with the limited resources that they have. And one way that schools are doing this today is by upgrading their phone systems to…
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trends for 2020

Unified Communication 2020 Trends

It’s almost 2020. Does your business have the communication technology, training and personnel in place that will help it flourish in the next decade? How can you tell? If you are like most business owners, managers or employees, you may not know if your company’s communication system is ready for the next 10 years. Many…
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SIP Trunks And IVR

The process of procuring an IVR system is arduous enough, but then you have to trunk it. What? If you IVR is going to sit at your facility, you’ll need phone lines to feed it. There are a few ways to do this: Order “legacy” PSTN service from your telco provider. An example would be…
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Woman standing for train reading text message

Everyday Uses for Your Mass Notification System

A Mass Notification System is a great resource for any business or organization. It is particularly useful during emergencies and critical events, to make sure important messages get to as many people as fast as possible. It’s no stretch to say that a properly enabled Mass Notification System can save people from getting injured, and…
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contact center

Difference Between Contact Centers & Call Centers

What’s the difference between a Contact Center and a Call Center? If you find your business is in the market to revamp how it interacts with customers, knowing the differences (and similarities) between the two types can be important. A simplistic view of how they are different would be this: A Call Center deals just…
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inbound SMS text messaging

Utilizing Inbound SMS to Improve Your Customer Service

It is no secret that people have become increasingly reliant on their smartphones. In fact, texting has become the #1 way people choose to communicate. Back in 2017 a DOMO study found that worldwide over 15 million text messages were sent every minute. That is a lot of communication happening via SMS, and that number…
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