inbound SMS text messaging

How Using Text Messaging Can Help Your Business

The way that businesses and customers interact is always evolving. From face-to-face meetings to ordering products by mail to online forms, each step was seen as an improvement in some way by both customers and businesses. And it’s no different with the next step – Business Text Messaging. In today’s day and age, communication between…
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contact center desk

The Benefits of Modernizing Your Contact Center

Has it been 10 or more years since your contact center designed? Are you hearing from your customers and employees that others are doing customer service and support better than you? Then now is the perfect time to take a look at what new systems and features are available to businesses that allow them to…
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woman on IVR phone in office

Reliability Of VoIP Today

For years one of the reasons companies have held off switching from traditional landlines to VoIP technology was that landlines are about as reliable as you can get. While that may be true, the days of VoIP being unreliable are behind us. And the benefits VoIP technology offers has led to a shift, with many…
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Call Center Benchmarks header

Call Center Performance Benchmarks

Call center benchmarking is key to managing an efficient call center operation. Not only will the metrics help you save money on your bottom line, but it will also ensure your team is performing optimally, and help you to stay compliant with best practices, and keep up with the competition. By analyzing the data, call…
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smartphone chatbot conversation

How Chatbots Transform Customer Experience

Imagine having an unlimited number of employees who are available all day every day to help your customers with their questions and support related issues, all with no waiting, on the device of the customers’ choosing. And in their language, whatever that may be. That’s basically what Chatbots can provide. They can completely change how…
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chatbot trends graphic

Chatbot Trends

Chatbots are an exciting technology that offers businesses across a wide variety of industries unique solutions for interacting with customers. The advancement in chatbot technology has been very exciting for business owners and tech geeks alike. However, what is yet to come is far more exciting! Check out this chatbot trends infographic to get a…
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man answering a call on a VoIP phone system

How To Choose A Business Phone System

Many professionals tasked with upgrading their business’s phone system do not have a background in communications technology, and may not even know where to start. There is a lot of confusion in the industry, and it can take lots of research to figure out exactly what you may need. To help out anyone who is…
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cost of bad customer service infographic

The True Cost of Bad Customer Service

Ever wonder how important your customer service team is? Spoiler….it’s more important than you think. As business owners, we all know that acquiring a new customer can cost significantly more than keeping an existing customer. However, customer service is often the weakest point in a business, costing billions of dollars per year. Most of the…
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