Business Communication Systems

Working From Home in the Age of Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has led to a vast number of employers to consider work-from-home strategies for their employees. While the jury is still out on the virus’s dangers, the fact remains that organizations are getting serious about work-from-home and are asking for help. The major challenges of work-from-home include: Issues with employee…
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women working at a call center

How to Create a User-Friendly IVR System

When done right, customers can find an IVR system immensely useful. However, when set up improperly an IVR system can be extremely frustrating for customers. We have all experienced these situations. You call to book a simple appointment and are all of the sudden lost in an endless maze of questions, passwords, and detail retrieval….
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businessman texting on mobile device

When Should A Business Not Use Texting?

As we have previously discussed, text messaging can be a valuable tool for your customer service team and your entire company. From the convenience to the low cost to the flexibility, texting has made its way to the mainstream when it comes to communication between customers and businesses. With all that being said, there are…
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Virtual Customer Assistant that helps customers

What Chatbots Can Do To Assist Customers After Hours

One of the best ways to make your customers happier, relieve some stress on your employees, and make your business more efficient is to utilize chatbots during your non business hours. By offering a chatbot to your customers throughout your off hours, customers can get the answers and support they need on their schedule. The…
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chatbot conversation on a mobile device

Common Chatbot Development Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Today chatbots are being leveraged by companies for lead generation, customer service, placing orders, and so much more. Chatbots are an effective tool, but they are not magic. They are only as good as you make them. Unfortunately, not all chatbots are a success. If you are considering developing a chatbot for your business, it…
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inbound SMS text messaging

How Using Text Messaging Can Help Your Business

The way that businesses and customers interact is always evolving. From face-to-face meetings to ordering products by mail to online forms, each step was seen as an improvement in some way by both customers and businesses. And it’s no different with the next step – Business Text Messaging. In today’s day and age, communication between…
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contact center desk

The Benefits of Modernizing Your Contact Center

Has it been 10 or more years since your contact center designed? Are you hearing from your customers and employees that others are doing customer service and support better than you? Then now is the perfect time to take a look at what new systems and features are available to businesses that allow them to…
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woman on IVR phone in office

Reliability Of VoIP Today

For years one of the reasons companies have held off switching from traditional landlines to VoIP technology was that landlines are about as reliable as you can get. While that may be true, the days of VoIP being unreliable are behind us. And the benefits VoIP technology offers has led to a shift, with many…
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