There’s an old saying in the restaurant industry: ‘Just give them the pickle.’ It comes to the point where you simply cannot nickel and dime your customers. You give the customer the pickle on the side, and they enjoy their meal and come back another time—a customer’s loyalty is well worth the price of a pickle. That pickle brings unexpected joy, and as it relates to the contact center world, the unexpected joy of being heard, acknowledged, and resolving your issue quickly makes all the difference. 

Here at DiRAD, we do not nickel and dime our customers. Need some quick changes to your AI bot? No problem. Quick question? Call us up; we won’t bill you for that time. These practices have led us to industry-leading success and long-lasting relationships for the past 40 years. The analogy can still be applied to our business. Nobody sets out to have an unhappy customer, so when customers come to your team with an issue, you must create a positive experience. The key aspects of customer service that people look for are empathy, swift action, and easy resolution. 

At DiRAD, we personalize each interaction. Just like giving someone a pickle that’s tailored to their meal, we provide personalized experiences that cater to individual customers’ needs and preferences. Every caller is different and going through a unique experience on the other end of the phone, even if the same issue of the call is made over and over again. Treat each customer kindly and respectfully, and they will continue to come back for more. We understand that in frustrating situations, you just want to be heard. 

DiRAD agents are trained to step in. Our agents are specifically trained on a case-by-case basis. We focus heavily on training in-house with nesting periods before ever hitting the phones. DiRAD agents are empowered, confident, and encouraged to make decisions and take actions that benefit the customer. Essentially, training them to understand when to ‘give them the pickle’ to ensure a loyal customer.

The idea behind the pickle analogy is that the customer wants something they aren’t already getting from you. After you go out of your way for your customers, it’s best practice to then analyze how you can better anticipate their needs in the future. Solve their problems before they even become problems. DiRAD has several implementation processes at various steps of the customer experience that help to avoid these scenarios where you need to ‘give them the pickle’. First off, streamlining the process. Simplify and streamline your processes to make it easy for customers to find what they need. Providing answers on your website, having chatbots available 24/7 to answer frequently asked questions, offering an IVR solution when customers call. DiRAD’s IVR solutions can help resolve simple issues immediately without requiring human interaction. These easy to set up technical solutions reduce wait times, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Customer service is at the core of what we do. By applying the “just give them the pickle” analogy, you can create an efficient, effective, and enjoyable customer service experience—that is what the #DiRADDifference is all about. 

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