Business gets more and more complex with each passing year. Customers expect more even though the marketplace is full of uncertainty. How does a business maintain itself when the environment is so unpredictable and complicated?

One answer: stop doing manual tasks that cost your business time and money!

If you just asked yourself “Automate tasks – what tasks?!” then keep reading…

Examples of tasks you can automate to save time, save money, and grow your business

  • Scheduling new appointments
  • Reminding customers about their upcoming appointments
  • Managing the back-and-forth of cancelations
  • Resetting passwords and locked accounts
  • Follow-up with sales leads after a booked demo
  • Providing answers to frequently asked questions
  • Mass-notification of staff, clients, or citizens

You might be saying, “These tasks allow us to put a personal touch on our service.”

Or, “There’s just no other way to handle these responsibilities in our organization, but manually.”

Some might think that “Automating tasks sounds expensive. I also don’t want to hire additional staff.”

Let’s explore these objections and explain why automating these tasks can enhance your business.

Adding a personal touch…

We should all be striving to offer a special experience for our customers. Doing this, helps us show how what we offer differs from the competition. It gives us an opportunity to exceed expectations and make a memorable one-on-one interaction with customers… who can be our best advocates?

By all means, don’t give that up. However, you can automate messaging that’s friendly and attentive to customer needs. All the rules apply when using technology to interact with buyers. Use words like “please,” “thank you,” “we apologize,” and “appreciate.” Automating these messages with processes in your business ensures that customers spend less time waiting for a response. You can also add a personal touch by using their first name, their last name, or by greeting them based on the time of day.

Even technology like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can be made to sound customer-friendly. Read how.

There are limits to the responsibilities in the organization

Sure, every business has limits on what they can produce, when the product can be produced, and how the product or service is distributed. It’s good to know what these limits are. But, what if you could stretch these limits on staff time and help staff reach more customers and solve their needs?

Are you and your staff answering common inquiries and questions? Learn how our communication solutions save time, money, and customers.

It will cost me too much to use automated technology

If you had the opportunity to create an extra 2 or 3 hours per employee, what could they do to grow your company? It could be your salespeople, your accounting department, or even administrative staff. If they had the extra time, they might not feel overworked… which can lower morale. A pressured staff that has little or no time to think about business growth is least likely to come up with innovative ideas.

Automated technology can ease stressors occurring in the business. Staff members who experience less stress find more creative ways to solve problems, see projects to the end, and also practice safety. For example, chatbots can respond to messages across various channels in the business like SMS, social media, as well as on your company’s website.

Automation can also handle after-hours calls with auto-attendant technology. This is a great choice for service industries like plumbers and locksmiths who frequently get emergency calls all around the clock.

Some business leaders have the opinion that automation releases too much control. We argue that automation technology like chatbots and IVR create new business opportunities. You can seize new ways to expand, employ a new strategy, or prevent serious disruption in the company. Automated technology equips business leaders with the tools to grow.

Remember, technology doesn’t take away our control. Instead, it gives us the ability to seize opportunities for real business growth.

What other tasks would you like to automate in your business? There’s a good chance we have a solution that fits perfectly with your industry and size. Chat with one of DiRad’s representatives. We can find ways to help you accomplish your business goals.

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