Signs of falling customer satisfaction show in different ways. Sometimes it’s poor reviews, customer complaints, or a sudden, high volume of calls.

When a sign like higher than normal customer calls occurs, it’s time to act.

But, how do you handle it? What’s the best way to respond and address this serious warning sign and make improvements?

Maybe you just launched a new service and haven’t worked out all the kinks.

You might be a medical or urgent care facility that’s overwhelmed with patient calls related to follow-ups or COVID-19 testing.

Or, perhaps your company made an update to an existing set of products and is experiencing some backlash… what’s your next step?

Customers want value, innovation, and convenience

Companies like yours are struggling to meet the demands of customers. Now, customers want more features, more value, more innovation, and more conveniences that make their lives easier. If they don’t get these things, they will choose others in your industry and in your marketplace.

You can no longer ignore the satisfaction of your customers.

If you experience a high volume of calls and don’t have the staff numbers to deploy against it, it shows weakness, and an inability to respond with action. For some businesses, it’s not practical or cost-effective to hire in-house full or part-time employees to answer a large volume of calls.

To address these challenges, consider outsourcing your call center.

Why would a small or medium-sized business partner with a firm that specializes in outsourced call center services?

Reasons why small or medium-sized businesses benefit from outsourced call center services

  • Employ measures that reduce customer exits
  • Ability to monitor calls for duration, abandonment rate, number of waiting calls
  • Ability to offer extensive service
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Free up staff to focus on new initiatives or other important tasks

When a high frequency or volume of calls happens, it can put you and your business in a type of low response mode that just takes messages. With this load, it’s hard to understand patterns about the calls, like if the call is related to a particular product, bundle of services, or a defect. This type of call-taking response doesn’t get at the root issue.

Oftentimes, with a high volume of calls, customers are irate, disappointed, and frustrated. What customers need when reporting their issue is an assurance that the issue will be addressed. In-house call centers don’t always get a chance to strike a balance of using empathy, helpfulness, and kindness, all while knowing the product and owning up to the complaint.

A steady stream of customers sharing their disgust and frustration leaves little time for monitoring important call details like duration and the number of people who give up waiting for their call to be answered. An outsourced call center provider who has experienced consultants knows which metrics to watch for. Knowing these numbers helps you improve your calls and keep customers in the long run.

Learn which other call center performance benchmarks to watch for.

You can save time and money by outsourcing a call center when customer satisfaction experiences a downturn. The time and money you spend organizing your in-house team and getting them up to speed can rise sharply—especially when customers who are calling want an immediate response. Outsourcing is a cost-effective and time-saving way to address satisfaction numbers that have taken a bad turn.

An outsourced call center can also be that “Ready, set go!” telemarketing solution for your company to help you bring in more clients, or support your lead generation campaign.

You can turn sagging customer satisfaction numbers around with the help of an experienced outsourced call center provider and consultant. Reaching out to a consultant is smart and shows that you have your customers’ interests at heart.

Talk to one of our representatives on how you can lift your customer satisfaction numbers and lower your volume of calls.

Fewer complaints and excellent reviews are just around the corner.


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