July was an amazing month here at DiRAD. We celebrated independence day with our families, saw great growth in business by welcoming new clients, and most exciting of all – growth on our team!

Tracy Liebenow is the new HR Coordinator for DiRAD Technologies, and the team couldn’t be more excited. She comes with years of experience and a fresh perspective on human resources.

DiRAD decided the best way to get to know Tracy would be to pass on the pleasantries and ask her the tough questions straight out the gate.

Here is what she had to say to Jolene Damián, a business development rep at DiRAD Technologies.

What did you do prior to working for DiRAD?

Tracy: My background is in Human Resources, but most recently I had taken a slight detour and was working in the realm of Communications & Engagement within the Employee Benefits field.  I had also recently found myself in the role of homeschool teacher/aide which was definitely a new gig for me and one I am not sure I excelled at.


What steps did you take early in your career that helped your growth?

Tracy: Wow, what a good question.  Honestly, I am not sure I knew what I was doing early in my career!  The one thing that I have always been big on is seeing life as a journey and embracing new experiences.  This has not only allowed me to gain a diverse background, but it has also taught me how to be open to change.

Although having processes and procedures is effective and in a lot of ways necessary, I am also always looking at how to improve things and make them more efficient.  I am also the “why” girl – I always like to understand the reason for things so we aren’t just doing them “because that’s how it’s always been done”.


How did you get into HR?

Tracy: Ohhh…I think like many others in this field, we tend to somehow just “fall into it”.  Back when I was in college I didn’t know anything about HR or that it was even something you could go to school for.  I was studying psychology and was actually introduced to the idea of HR through my job at a grocery store – kind of odd, right?  I originally thought I would further my education in psychology, but after moving across the country to Colorado I decided not to go back to school and took a job in HR department at a hospital— and here I am today.


What made you choose to work at DiRAD?

Tracy: It really comes down to one word – value(s).  I was looking for a company where I felt like I could add value and one where the company’s values and culture resonated with me.  I have touched just about every area of HR there is and I wanted to take my experience and use it in a hands-on but also strategic way.  That said, I didn’t necessarily want to chase a title or certain status, and I happened to see that DiRAD was looking for an HR Coordinator.

After doing research, because that is what I do, I liked what I was seeing regarding the company’s culture.  I also came across a video Lindsey Brundege had done on LinkedIn and reached out to her from a networking standpoint.  I liked what she had to say and enjoyed my conversation with her. I had heard other good things about DiRAD as well and just knew this was something I wanted to be part of.  After learning more about the position itself, I felt like it was a place where I could thrive, make an impact and I was excited about the possibilities –at that point, I was all in!


Do you have thoughts on the company culture at DiRAD so far?

Tracy: I have to say, coming into a company, especially from an HR standpoint, during a pandemic is interesting!  With so many of our employees working from home right now I am sure I am not getting the same experience I would have if I started when everyone was still working in the office.  That said, everyone, I have talked to so far has been very welcoming and easy to work with!  I like that DiRAD has a laid back vibe, but that everyone still works really hard, cares about their job and supports each other.  So far, I am excited to be part of this culture and look forward to growing it!


What changes do you see for the future growth of DiRAD?

Tracy: It may still be a little early for me to tell.  There are a lot of outside factors playing into what change looks like right now.  I know that working from home has been going well for us, so we could continue to see more of that into the future, even beyond COVID.  With that, we will definitely have to work on developing our employee engagement and ensuring we remain connected as a team.  I think there is a lot of potential for growth, and I look forward to building an HR function that supports it!


If you’d like more information about DiRAD’s team and growth, reach out and ask at 518-438-6000 or check out our careers page.

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