From the start, DiRAD Technologies has always been about delivering amazing products and services, but never at the expense of our workforce. We always strive to make our employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated. Our culture is one where we encourage everyone to feel free to be themselves while contributing their unique talents to the team. No big egos where only certain opinions matter.

But nobody should only take our word for it. For over a year we’ve been highlighting people on our team in blog posts we deemed “Company Spotlight”s. They let us learn more about them as people, but we also asked for feedback on us – in a word, how would they describe DiRAD:




“If I can use just one word, I’d say the company culture here is supportive. I think DiRAD is great at making their employees feel valued and appreciated.”

Annie G.


Employees want to feel like they have the support of their colleagues and managers. They want to feel like they can ask for help when they need it and that they will be listened to. At DiRAD, we always leave room for open, respectful communication with everyone on our team, bottom to top.


Friendly / Compassionate


“It sounds cliche, but “friendly” is probably the word. I was welcomed at DiRAD when I started and since then I’ve welcomed new people who have then welcomed more new people. It really is a good place to be.”

Addison S.

“The word I would use to describe DiRAD would be Compassion. During the first year of my employment, I had to face a rather large personal challenge in my life. 2 people in particular made this possible to overcome. Had it not been for their understanding and support I don’t know if I would be where I am today.”

Nicholas F.


Employees want to be able to have a good work-life balance. They want to be able to have time for their families, friends, and hobbies outside of work. We’re not the type of company that wants to have our employees feeling overworked and missing out on their lives outside of work. Each position we offer is designed to be done within work hours and it’s rare to go beyond.

The people we do bring on are the type to applaud accomplishments inside and outside the office. We have a “no jerks” policy here!


Transparent / Rewarding


“Transparent. I feel like people are being honest and genuine with me here. It’s rare that a job sees you as a person rather than just some little worker bee. It’s understood here that work needs to get done, but it’s also understood that having fun is okay too.”

Brandon H.

“Rewarding! It’s not often employee’s get praise at other companies for doing a good job or going above and beyond, it’s different at DiRAD. When someone does a good job here they get recognized. It makes you feel good about the work you’re doing.”

Paul B.


We’ve noticed that when we set clear goals and expectations with employees, they’re ultimately happier, more productive, and engaged with their work. When that happens, we’re never one to let great work go unnoticed – celebrating successes, big or small, keeps everyone feeling seen. This creates a positive environment that they want to come back to.

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