Technology is known for making life easier and DiRAD’s products are no exception. Our team works hard to make that happen. We like to check in with them to see what their passions are, in and out of work.

We do this by highlighting the incredibly talented individuals who make our company special with a Company Spotlight. This month’s Company Spotlight is focused on Paul Breton – a key member of DiRAD‘s engineering team!

How long have you been at DiRAD?

5 months

What is your favorite thing about technology?

I love how much technology has changed since I was a kid. Like seeing video communication on shows or movies like Star Trek before it was ever a thing and now today witnessing it on an everyday basis and being able to have that in a handheld device is amazing.

What inspired you to get into your field?

I’ve always loved technology and how things work and I enjoy helping people. There’s a certain gratification to doing this kind of work that just feels, right!

What is your favorite piece of technology?

I have the same joy for this piece of tech that everyone does. Mobile device. It’s a mini computer!

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I’m currently working on building my second computer with all new components. It’s fun to build something with your own hands. I also enjoy a good game of Dungeon’s and Dragons.

What word would you use to describe the company culture at DiRAD?

Rewarding! It’s not often employee’s get praise at other companies for doing a good job or going above and beyond, it’s different at DiRAD. When someone does a good job here they get recognized. It makes you feel good about the work you’re doing.

Tell us a little about your home/family life.

I have a fiancé, Emily, who I’ve been with for just over 6 years. We have a dog, Buster, and two cats, Callie and Clover. As of the last 2 years we stay locked away in our apartment watching lots of movies and TV shows. When we do get the urge to brave the sun and go outside, we like to take long drives and even go camping.

What’s your favorite quote?

Live life to the fullest. Or like some say YOLO!

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