The days of a stationary desk phone are almost entirely a thing of the past. Cloud calling is a unified communication service that replaces the need for conventional phone systems. These can be web-based systems or application based and they’re revolutionizing how teams communicate. At DiRAD we help teams of any size, do just that: communicate.

Call From Anywhere

The beauty of cloud calling is that your office can be wherever you are. Anywhere around the world, if you have an internet connection, there’s nothing stopping you from getting more done and staying connected.

Group Video

Conference calls have moved beyond just voice. The option for video and screen sharing have become essential to the modern work environment and they’re included with cloud phone.

No Device Limitations

Most cloud calling offerings come with the ability to be used anywhere, all you need is your login information. Take calls from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet with no loss of functionality.

Work Communication Simplified

You’re not losing any features by switching to a cloud phone system. Make and answer calls, forward calls, transfer calls, access your voicemail, get notified about potential spam, and transfer any call between your devices as needed.

Makes Good Business Sense

Cloud calling is easily scalable to any size team and by offloading hosting and management to a provider, you’re greatly reducing infrastructure overhead costs. Not to mention, the data gained from how your team uses the service can offer valuable insight into how you can optimize employee efficiency.

The ease and convenience of cloud calling is unmatched. Services such as Microsoft Teams Phone are on the cutting edge of this communication technology. If you’d like to learn more and enhance your own team’s communication, contact us below.

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