Here at DiRAD Technologies, we pride ourselves on the quality of our team members. One thing that sets our office apart from others, is the addition of two four-legged friends. Each month we highlight a team member, and this month we’re highlighting DiRAD’s feline team members, Max and Toby!

How long have Max & Toby been at DiRAD?

Max & Toby started at DiRAD in August 2008. They will be celebrating 14 years this summer.

How would Max & Toby describe themselves?

Hmm… Toby is definitely a born leader. She makes her presence known by lounging in the conference room where she can keep an eye on all the activity in the office. Every time she wants to be pet, she will stand firm and hold her ground until she is fulfilled. She is also big on words of affirmation and will meow loudly until she is praised or acknowledged. Max on the other hand likes to keep to a schedule. He knows when it’s dinnertime and will remind you in a timely fashion. However, he is highly adaptable and will find a new place to sleep around the office all the time.

Day in the life, GO!Max

Max & Toby run to the door every morning when the first employee comes in. When everyone arrives a day of playing, lounging, and pets commences. It’s not their favorite when Wilson or Merle come into the office… They are not the biggest dog fans. Other than that, they make their rounds through the office making sure everyone is happy and collecting as many pets as possible.

What are Max & Toby’s favorite pieces of technology?

Oh man, they have a bunch. Max loves the keyboard, specifically Lisa’s. Max & Toby love a good laser pointer, those two could chase that red dot for hours. Toby has always loved the treadmill; she sits on it every day! But when it comes down to it, they can never resist a nice mouse. Max & Toby love to carry them around all day.

What word would Max & Toby use to describe the company culture at DiRAD?

Home. This office has been their home for their entire lives. They are taken care of and loved so much by the best people in the world. DiRAD is an awesome place, and they love meeting new, exciting people. They may not do much on the call center front, but they are a vital part of the team and are treated as such. If it weren’t for them, who else would lounge in the sun all day?

What’s Max & Toby’s favorite quote?

“If we can’t nap… count us out.”

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