Many customers judge a company by the customer experience they offer. It’s not enough to have a great product/service anymore. Bad customer service can mean a customer(s) forever lost. There are key aspects of the CX journey that customers expect in 2022 to keep them happy and returning for more.

“Be Where I Need You”

Having a customer service representative available for Voice interactions is still number one at 68%. That number used to be 86% of people in 2017*. Why is that? Because now customers are searching for other ways to reach you: Email, Live Webchat, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Text, etc. If you can’t be on all of them, you should be on most. Consumers want you to meet them where they’re most comfortable.

“Listen and Understand”

While consumers are becoming more comfortable with impersonal interactions like webchat, across the board, they want an empathetic interaction over a speedy one. Consumers value a representative that takes the time to hear them out and makes it clear that they understand the problem, over a quick resolution. An empathetic ear could be the difference in a review.

“Respect My Time and Make It Easy”

The less of a hassle you make a customer service interaction, the more likely a customer is to return. While most CX leaders value professionalism/friendliness in these interactions, 54% of consumers would say a first-contact resolution is most important to them.* Enabling your customer service team, at every level of the journey, to resolve problems quickly is extremely important.

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“Above All, Keep My Data Safe”

In 2022, there’s quite a few social, ethical, and environmental issues that consumers care about when selecting a company to interact with. Above them all, is the importance of data privacy and protection. Thankfully, this is all the issue that most companies take the most seriously – and you should too! 55% of consumers are looking for it.* To provide personalized interactions, you need that data. A responsibility you have as a company is to keep it safe.

What’s holding you back from creating the CX your customers want? Aging technology? Maintaining service quality? Keeping staff trained? – All of these problems and more can be solved with the help of the latest and greatest Contact Center Technology.

*GenesysMajor Shifts Reinventing CX – May 2022

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