Here at DiRAD Technologies, we understand that we are a company led by a team full of interesting and experienced leaders. Getting to know each one of them better over the years has been an honor and a pleasure. We want to give everyone else an inside view of who we are, as well.

This month’s employee spotlight is a special one, as he is the first member of the operations team to be highlighted. We learned why this unique and intelligent gentleman has a passion for his industry and even found out he has some exciting hobbies, too. Here’s some insight into this month’s company spotlight…

Zach Van Allen, A Systems Engineer Climbing in his Industry!

How long have you been at DiRAD?
I started, in May of 2017, so a little under 4 years.

What is your favorite thing about technology?
I love the magic of it! When technologies and processes connect behind the scenes, you get those intuitive “just work” moments. I know that a lot of people are frustrated by technology. When it doesn’t work I totally understand how annoying that can be, but the next time that you unlock your phone and open an app just think about this – everything that has gone into making that work! Imagine all of the processes from that app, the phones operating system, your home router, to the server 1000’s of miles away sending you that data all in a fraction of a second. I think that is pretty magical.

What inspired you to get into your field?
I have always loved problem-solving. That “ah-ha” moment you get when you figure out a solution to a problem is incredibly rewarding. Programming and information technology I think have more “ah-ha” moments on a day-to-day basis than any other field I could find.

What is your favorite piece of technology?
This is tough! I think some people would say that I may have too much technology. If I had to pick just one I would have to say my iPhone. I was never crazy enough to line up in front of the store to buy one but I am almost always awake at 3 am the day that I need to pre-order the new one.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I am a pretty avid hiker. My father, brother and I are all working on completing our ADK 46r (climbing the 46 Adirondack Mountains over 4000 feet.) At the end of this summer, we were at 38 and will hopefully have it wrapped up by the end of next year (2021!)

Climbing some of those mountains has been the most physically challenging thing I have done in my life, but sitting down in your car after a 20-mile hike that you successfully completed is one of the best feelings in the world!

What word would you use to describe the company culture at DiRAD?

 Energizing! DiRAD always has a new project or a new technology that we are working on. Part of my love for technology is a love of trying new things and solving those complex problems, some that I don’t think anyone else has solved. It’s great to work at a place where you feel rewarded for rethinking what we are doing and finding a better way to do it.

Tell us about home/family life –

I live with my girlfriend Paige in downtown Schenectady, NY. We are both originally from Syracuse NY, and are huge Orange fans! We love to travel and are usually biding time until our next weekend getaway. Last year we visited DC, Chicago, and Quebec City. Unfortunately, 2020 put a hold on our travel for the year but in the meantime, we have spent the summer camping and have really stepped up our home cooking game!

What’s your favorite quote?
I am not sure that I have a favorite quote, but how about my favorite xkdc comc!?

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