Let’s face it – a good or bad customer experience over the phone can really make or break your day. Have you ever called your bank or another company only to find yourself trapped in a never-ending loop of menu options?

Now imagine if on top of being frustrated by the poor routing system that when you finally got to a live person, they were either difficult to understand, unable to help you, or worse – unfriendly. That may have been the last time you did business with that company. With the right outsourced contact center on your side, these issues become a problem of the past for your business. Here are the top 5 benefits of using an outsourced call center.

Lower Costs

Outsourcing your call center means saving money on operating costs and infrastructure. Between the physical location, technology, staffing and training alone you could spend a fortune to set up even a small call center. Because outsourced call centers are already running with all of the necessary components in place, plus professionally trained customer service staff, the major upfront investments are eliminated.

Eliminate Staffing Issues

An outsourced call center provider will handle all of the hiring, firing, management and scheduling of agents. The amount of money and frustration alone that this aspect of outsourcing can save you makes it all worth it. These trained agents won’t have a learning curve to deal with either, saving you in training and continued education. You can retain more customers early on by avoiding the infancy stage of operations altogether with professionally trained agents.

24/7 Service at a fraction of the cost

Outsourcing your call center means you can offer 24/7 care to your clients without maintaining 24/7 operations. This is of particular interest usually to the service industry and businesses who offer after hours customer or emergency service.

Effortlessly handle overflow call volume

Outsourcing just part of your incoming calls is a possibility to consider as well. Often times businesses go through periods of extremely high call volume. When you have more calls than your regular staff can handle then you run the risk of providing sub-par service and losing customers altogether. Starting in 2020 many urgent care facilities chose to outsource just the calls coming in about COVID, avoiding a call overflow crisis.

Increase business continuity

The odds of a professionally outsourced call center going down and losing service are very low. Most of the time they have multiple locations, to ensure redundancy. You can be assured that your call quality will not only be excellent, but continuous. In addition, outsourced call centers have technology that enables agents to work from anywhere.

DiRAD Technologies boasts one of the highest quality outsourced call centers out there. We have over 30 years of experience and deliver services for:

  • Customer Service
  • Product Support
  • Sales Support
  • Government Programs
  • Medical/COVID Programs
  • Collections
  • Order Management Support
  • Warranty Support
  • Loyalty Rewards Program Support

Improving your customer experience, reducing client turnover, and increasing customer loyalty is our goal.

When you enlist with our services, you gain an industry-leading partner and a devoted team of experienced customer representatives. Our call center specialists are dedicated to providing your clients with a complete and effective customer journey. For callers who are comfortable with automation, we also offer chatbots, voicebots, and IVR solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness.

Have more questions about call center outsourcing services? Check out our list of outsourced call center FAQ’s or call

518-438-6000 to speak with an experienced customer service agent.



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