Who knew that the keys to your citizens’ hearts would lie with technology? We did! AI is being discussed more now than ever before. The potential for it to optimize the lives of ordinary people has yet to be fully explored, but when it comes to customer service, we’re already tapping into how it can help win over the people most important to you: Your citizens.

It’s All In the Introduction

DiRAD SmartSpeech IVR

The IVR system that picks up when a customer calls is the first introduction they have to you when they’ve got a problem. The most well-designed IVR systems are intelligent enough to begin collecting information to accurately identify a caller’s need or intent from the start. This type of automation removes repetitive tasks from Customer Service Representative’s (CSR’s) plate and sets them up to win over the caller by efficiently meeting their needs.

You can collect data on your CSR’s proficiencies to route callers to the person that would have the best skills to help resolve the customer’s issue. Blended with digital channels, this ensures that customers have a quick transition from bot to agent when a more personal touch is needed.

Get to Know Them on a Deeper Level


Want to better understand your customers? It’s all in the data! You can optimize the customer experience (CX) journey by looking at previous interactions. Learn the types of issues and questions that lead to calls coming in. When you do this, you can figure out how to optimize your CX to make citizens fall in love with you.

When CSR’s are equipped with a deep understanding of the CX journey and the most common reasons they reach out, they’re better prepared to deliver exceptional service. “This has shown to cut agent handled volume by 15–20%, according to Genesys benchmark data.”

Listen To Advice From a Friend

Agent Assist AI

AI can quickly become your best friend in a citizen call interaction. Today, there are AI assistants that can work with your CSR’s to deliver accurate and efficient customer experiences. They are smart enough to understand over 45 languages, while maintaining high transcription accuracy. They can push articles and response suggestions in real time based on the context of each conversation, giving CSR’s quick answers to questions without having to search for them. “High-quality call summarization out-of-the-box, which reduces close time by over 90%.”

Want to know more about how you can leverage data and AI to make your citizens fall in love with you? Contact us here.

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