For years one of the reasons companies have held off switching from traditional landlines to VoIP technology was that landlines are about as reliable as you can get. While that may be true, the days of VoIP being unreliable are behind us. And the benefits VoIP technology offers have led to a shift, with many successful businesses choosing VoIP over landlines.

The Ways VoIP Is More Reliable Than You Think

If you are part of a business that has not switched over to VoIP, there may be good reasons. But with the advancements made to the technology and infrastructure, reliability is not one of them. Take a minute to understand just how reliable VoIP can be:

  1. VoIP Has A 99.9% Uptime. Sure, we can remember back to when connecting to the Internet involved crossing your fingers. And staying connected wasn’t a sure thing. But those days are long gone. The infrastructure in place makes it easy to connect with hardly any noticeable outages.
  2. VoIP Offers More Redundancy Than Legacy Telephone Lines. Many of today’s VoIP solution providers (including DiRAD) use multiple carriers and multiple sites. This provides extra layers of protection. So even if there is an issue with one site, your phones will stay up so your business can continue to run smoothly. You can’t say that with traditional telephone lines.
  3. Boost Uptime More By Using A Cellular Data Backup Device And Generator. If you love the advantages that VoIP technology offers, and you want to increase the reliability even more, there are options. Using a cellular data backup device is one option. For when the power goes out at your building, you can invest in a generator to keep things powered. An added benefit of VoIP is its mobility. So if the power does go out, just take your laptop to a local café and manage your entire phone system from there until your power is back. You can’t do that with legacy telephone service.
  4. Most Companies Already Rely Mainly On Their Internet. This is not hyperbole. Between emails, conference lines, and video conference calls, most businesses conduct a large portion of their communication over the Internet. They wouldn’t rely on this technology if it wasn’t reliable.
  5. 5G Is Coming. The Internet is already reliable, and new technologies are only enhancing its reliability. That includes 5G. It is coming, and it will provide even more call paths for VoIP technology to utilize.

Is your business ready to make the switch to VoIP and enjoy all of its benefits? Or is your company just getting off the ground and you want to learn more about the benefits and reliability of VoIP technology? Give us a call. DiRAD will consult with you on your bandwidth needs and the size of the project you are trying to implement. We work with businesses across the country as a trusted adviser to ensure the next phone system employed is the right phone system for your needs.

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