Has it been 10 or more years since your contact center designed? Are you hearing from your customers and employees that others are doing customer service and support better than you? Then now is the perfect time to take a look at what new systems and features are available to businesses that allow them to provide a customer experience (CX) that meets and exceeds what today’s customer expects.

What Has Your Contact Center Been Missing?

A decade is a long time in business, particularly these last 10 years. As you can imagine, a lot has changed when it comes to what a contact center can do for companies and their customers. Here are some of the most popular contact center features that you may be missing out on if it’s been a while since you upgraded yours.

  • Natural Language Speech, Connected to Artificial Intelligence. With the advent of Siri and Alexa, contact centers have the ability to create industry-specific “voicebots” that interact with callers as if they’re human. DiRAD solution leverage IBM Watson and Google AI. While not perfect yet, it’s coming. With voicebots companies benefit because they can provide support 24/7 without having to invest in additional staff. And customers benefits because they are able to get the answers they want faster. The speed at which AI is evolving is happening so fast that we are starting to see these systems replace IVR systems in some environments.
  • Working Remotely. The ability to work from anywhere is much less complicated on the new, cloud-based contact center solutions. This allows you to hire the best possible people, no matter where they wish to work from. It also provides employees to work remotely on days when getting to the office is challenging (i.e., snow days or sick children).
  • Omnichannel Communications. You never know what device a customer is going to try and connect with you on. With today’s contact center technology, you don’t have to worry. The ability to manage, queue, and respond to customers on channels other than voice (SMS, email, webchat, social, even IoT devices) can be routed to an agent. And all of these interactions can be handled on a single agent screen so there is no need to have multiple accounts and windows open.
  • Omnichannel Awareness. Today there is the ability to maintain the context of any conversation while handing it off to a different channel. For example, if a customer service rep needs to take dialogue from a webchat to a phone call, she can do so while preserving all the information that was collected during the webchat. The same seamless transition can be done from channel to channel. If an employee needs to transfer a customer to a different department or a manager to facilitate a resolution, she can do so while keeping all customer information and previous conversations intact.
  • Employee Scheduling. Today’s contact centers can help you manage your employee scheduling. This has been around for a few years, but it now runs itself using powerful analytics that maximizes every Full-time equivalent (FTE) minute of the day.
  • Breaking Down Language Barriers. Today’s chatbot and voicebot technology have the ability to conduct 2-way translation. If there is a text message conversation between an English-speaking representative and a Spanish-speaking customer, the technology can translate everything that comes to the rep from Spanish to English. And everything the representative sends to the client will be translated from English to Spanish.

Is It Time To Modernize Your Contact Center?

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How does your contact center solution stack up to these latest features and benefits? If your current support level doesn’t offer these services (and more) then it is time to research how you can improve the customer experience you offer.

In fact, at this point in time, most customers have come to expect these capabilities (and more) from the businesses and organizations that they interact with. Although the new technology can be viewed as disruptive by businesses, it is disruptive in a good way in the eyes of consumers. Appointments can be made in the middle of the night through text. Queries can be answered through Internet-enabled devices while driving just by speaking. Whatever the channel, with whichever device the consumer prefers. That’s where it is headed, and in many ways, we are already there. So if your contact center is still using the same technology and same processes as it was a decade ago, modernization is going to be needed soon in order to deliver the CX your customers expect.

Are you ready to upgrade the customer experience your business can offer through your contact center? Connect with DiRAD today. Our experienced team will be happy to discuss what the goals of your business are, and how today’s contact center solutions can help you achieve them.

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