Limit in-person contact & handling of frequently touched items, like a COVID Survey!

Our COVID Survey System is touch-free, easy to use, and inexpensive. It’s also NO CONTRACTS! When you no longer need it, just cancel it.



• Create telephone and text message surveys to assess COVID risk for people entering your facilities, and provide further directions to anyone who may be a risk

• Outbound survey function allows text messages and calls to be scheduled to large groups of users, which provides a snapshot of disease risk across the organization

• Intuitive web interface lets you quickly create new surveys, run reports, and manage users

• Text Message Surveys stay on the device or can be directed to a web address

• Available integration with back-end data sources and business intelligence applications

• Available in many different languages

That means dramatic cost savings, with no need to post personnel at facility entrances!

But our mass text notification software is not just for emergency situations. Fully customizable, DiRAD’s mass notification system helps government, public, and private organizations communicate to any audience over any device without a heavy investment.

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