If your company is open for business you may be collecting “COVID Risk Surveys” at the door. Collecting this important information can make a life of difference!

But if you’re collecting this important survey information, then you should be doing so with a system that is healthy, efficient, and cost-effective! Having to print, put out, and collect these surveys can be a hassle. Then, imagine having to transfer the results to a digital database! It must be time-consuming. And of course, with paper and pen, the risk of spreading the virus is increased.

DiRAD’s COVID Risk Survey System is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that provides a non-intrusive view into the health of your staff, customers, students, and residents who are entering your locations. Using just a few questions, you can assess a user’s COVID risk and take immediate action based on survey results.


•Create telephone and text message surveys to assess COVID risk for people entering your facilities, and provide further directions to anyone who may be a risk

• Outbound survey function allows text messages and calls to be scheduled to large groups of users, which provides a snapshot of disease risk across the organization

• Intuitive web interface lets you quickly create new surveys, run reports, and manage users

• Text Message Surveys stay on the device or can be directed to a web address

• Available integration with back-end data sources and business intelligence applications

• Available in many different languages

That means dramatic cost savings, with no need to post personnel at facility entrances!

This easy to implement and use system provides the organization with up-to-date information regarding COVID exposure risks among its population. It also automatically stores that data in the appropriate place. Another great benefit to the use of this system is it increases accountability and encourages staff to be mindful of day-to-day exposure risk.

To learn more about how DiRAD Technologies can help keep your organization healthy, safe, and compliant call today. We’re here to serve!

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