Customer service can be a thankless job. It has such a high turnover rate for a reason. People generally contact your contact center on their worst days, not their best, and your customer service representatives (CSRs) must keep their cool through it all. If and when problems escalate, supervisors will step in to help, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone was there to aid CSR’s on every interaction?

AI is advancing rapidly. So much so that DiRAD’s AI-based solutions can now offer real-time support to CSR’s without them ever having to ask for it. Genesys AI Agent Assist is the latest in Customer Experience Technology that is changing the way interactions are done.

Smart Advisor

The part that might be most exciting for CSRs is the ability to receive help answering questions in real-time. CSRs are often making cumbersome manual searches while on the phone with customers. Depending on the industry and problems that crop up, this could involve multiple information stores. The AI Agent Assist would anticipate those questions and supply them to the CSR before ever having to search themselves.

Automatic Reporting

A time-consuming part of the contact center machine is tracking and organizing the data associated. AI assistants can generate interaction summaries automatically. Without AI Agent Assist, this kind of reporting would produce inconsistencies and make the data hard to interpret. With AI Agent Assist, you can analyze customer interactions with consistent data points to reference.

Robotic Process Automation

Freeing up CSR’s time and ensuring a happy customer are the main goals of AI Assistants. That’s why AI Agent Assist also includes robotic process automation that fills in repetitive CSR tasks, like copy/paste, creating manual notes, and more.

It’s every organizations job to prioritize great customer experiences for their customers. AI assistants are the easiest, most cost-effective way to achieve that goal. They cut down on call times and improve customer sentiment. One service that your whole team can use.

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