The mission behind our monthly Company Spotlight blogs is to highlight the amazing people who work at DiRAD. In honor of the holiday season, we thought we’d poll everyone on some of their favorite holiday traditions and opinions.


53.8% said leave it off the holiday table!

46.2% said it’s delicious.


Cranberry Sauce

65.4% said canned is the best!

34.6% said homemade cranberry sauce is superior.


Holiday Meal Side

80.8% said this holiday meal side is called ‘Stuffing’!

11.4% said they don’t care what it’s called, leave it off the holiday table.

7.7% said this holiday meal side is called ‘Dressing’.



69.2% said they prefer classic white lights!

30.8% said they prefer fun multi-colored lights.



How do you do your holiday shopping?

65.4% said they do a combination of in-store and online. Find deals wherever they are!

30.8% said they exclusively shop online.

3.8% said they exclusively shop in-store.

Those who celebrate Christmas – When does your tree go up?

60% said right after Thanksgiving!

20% said not until December.

8% said November 1st.

12% said before Thanksgiving.


What holiday tradition do you most look forward to?

  • Taking a day off of work while the kids are in school to shop & wrap! Shhh!
  • Christmas cookies
  • Watching my niece and nephew open gifts. It reminds me of how I felt when I was a kid on Christmas.
  • Homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast
  • Eating good food
  • Christmas
  • Christmas Eve dinner at my friends home.
  • Christmas Eve Family Gathering/Dinner
  • Christmas, when my whole family is together. Doesn’t happen very often so it’s treasured.
  • Picking out my Christmas tree
  • Decorating
  • Cutting our own tree!
  • Going to PA shopping in October
  • Having each person in my family hang their special ornaments on my tree. Each year I buy a new ornament for my kids and grandkids, so every year I have them personally hang their own on the tree, then after they leave I reorganize them on the tree cause I’m OCD. LOL
  • Cookie Baking day with my mom, her best friend and my best friend. I also look forward to going to my grandfathers on Christmas Day with the family.
  • baking cookies
  • Church Service with candlelight
  • Christmas Eve Party!
  • Seeing all my family members 🙂
  • Every year my Daughter and I go to a gingerbread house making event hosted by Zachary’s Bakery. We’ve done this since she was a year old and haven’t missed one yet (this year will be year 14!). It’s something just her and I do, that we look forward to each year.
  • Watching the Holiday Parades with a hot drink in my hand
  • Baking yummy desserts, and decorating.
  • Driving around to see light displays.
  • Decorations
  • Christmas morning brunch with my family
  • Holiday lights and decorations throughout the neighborhoods.

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