Caiden Tuller

Throughout its long history, DiRAD has been able to retain the best and brightest people by promoting a workplace that is professional yet laid back; a think-tank culture where ideas are freely exchanged and adventures with “bleeding edge” technology are encouraged.

We love to highlight the incredibly talented individuals who make our workplace so special. This month’s Company Spotlight was focused on Caiden Tuller – a newer member to our business development crew who has already proven he has the drive and know-how to be successful here.

How long have you been at DiRAD?

I started at DiRAD in March of 2021.

What inspired you to get into your field?

I was looking for a way to marry my passion for customer service through a solution that appeals to a broad spectrum of businesses. Technology is so important and I think most people feel “tech is overrated” and “too much” these days, but there are some major game changers designed to help solve big problems. Things like IVR and Mass Notification can be a literal life saver in emergency spaces. I find that to be quite rewarding.

What is your preferred piece of technology?

Anything GPS related. Garmin smartwatch is probably one of the coolest, most convenient pieces of modern-day tech that I couldn’t live without.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

If it’s got a motor and keeps me outside, I’m all in. Kayaking has also become an integral part of my free time. I’ve seen some incredible sights only accessible by boat and I’m looking forward to exploring more this summer.

What word would you use to describe the company culture at DiRAD?


Tell us about home/family life

I live in a beautiful log cabin on a piece of land with my incredible fiancé. We’ve got two big Dobermans that fully believe they are lap dogs. Their names are Dante & Destiny. AKA: Mr. Stix or Huey and for the lass, AKA: Princess or PP.

What’s your favorite quote?

“I want to live like a poor man but with a lot of money.” – Pablo Picasso

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