In this new century, whether you’re a business owner or head of a government agency, customer satisfaction comes down to every single transaction.

That one bad review can result in untold losses.  There is no hiding from social media reviews. One wrong move, and your customer service mistake is broadcast to the masses via Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook. You’re lucky if it stops there.  Here’s why you might want to consider outsourcing your customer service using live agents or automated solutions:

You’re not responding to your customers

One of the single biggest complaints against companies, large and small, is lack of response. “Nobody called me back.” Many companies have failed to upgrade their technology, people and processes provide the immediate response that is now expected.

You’re not on social media

You may not like social media, but if you’re a business (or a citizen service agency) you must be on it. If you’re not participating on social media, you’ll have trouble hearing about what your customers are saying, and you certainly won’t be able to make it right.

Staff is too busy or non-existent

Labor shortages have forced businesses to do more with less employees. This inevitably leads to subpar customer service. A busy employee has to potential to damage your business by treating the customer like an inconvenience.

Customer service isn’t your strength

Your business might be great at what it makes or the services it provides. However, many fail to understand that customer service is skill that must be learned and built into a repeatable process.

Your business is cyclical or seasonal

If you experience vast swings in customer contact volume, how do you handle the temporary, extra volume? You hire temporary staff who are newly trained on your business processes and unable to holistic support to your customers.

What is Outsourcing?

It really boils down to engaging with professionals who can provide the best possible Customer Experience, or CX for short. CX is a discipline that addresses all the different ways customers can interact with your organization. For example, DiRAD offers technology solutions from our partners Amazon and Genesys to do things like automatically distribute text, webchats, calls and emails to your customer service representatives.  DiRAD can also provide professionally trained customer service representatives that act as an extension of your business. What about cost? These days, you only pay for what you use, and DiRAD has made the prospect of a CX overhaul within the reach of businesses large and small. Let us know how we can help.


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