It might seem overly simple to say DiRAD values values over dollars, but it’s true. We call this “The DiRAD Way”.

We’ve seen large outsourced contact centers that churn out more than 100 agents per month. In fairness, there’s a lot that can happen for an employee to leave the company. But when you’re losing that many, you must ask what is going on.

As the customer, maybe you don’t care as long as your callers are being served appropriately and your contractor is doing the training. But so much turnover can be a sign of a future implosion.

What would we do to clean things up?

Let’s say for this example that this customer engaged DiRAD to reduce turnover.

Potential problems we’re looking out for: toxic workplace, bad callers, bad employees, and workplace processes.

Our first steps would be to complete a thorough Site Review, with multiple days onsite to learn about the customer’s business processes, technology, and workplace environment.

Diagnosing and Treating A Toxic Workplace

This includes all the usual things like bad supervisors, nasty co-workers, gossip, and general workplace funk. We would begin by interviewing staff and listening to their concerns. We would address workplace compliance issues and possibly terminate the “bad actors” in management and staff. It all starts with a management that is ready to accept and fix the problem.

Testing Caller Interactions / Customer Sentiment

Callers are 10x more likely to be bad-tempered these days. DiRAD would listen to a sample of recordings and review transcripts using Genesys Cloud to assess the causes of caller angst.  We would record and transcribe everything. When you transcribe, you have searchable data that makes finding specific information buried in conversations much easier. You can even get sentiment data, further helping to quantify emotional calls. With all this data, we can formulate a solution.

Selecting The Right Technology

Contact center automation software helps send calls to agents, hold staff accountable, provides real-time and historical reporting, and allows you to determine if your customers are treated as they should be.

Depending on your needs and costs, the “right” contact center technology platform is debatable. We also say that if you’re in the call center business or if live customer service is your revenue lifeline, you should get the best. We would look for an established, multi-year track record. Many startup companies are trying to get into this business, but the technology is very complex. There is zero room for error.

A wise DiRAD Team member once said, “cheap is expensive.” Nine times out of ten, choosing technology purely because it is the cheapest will cause you more headaches and cost more money down the line when you need to fix the problems it caused.

We recommend Genesys Cloud, not necessarily because we sell it, but because it truly is the best.

Doing The Right Thing

The same as we measure sentiment from customers of our clients to improve their customer experiences, we are not so prideful to never look inward. We take client response seriously. And what are they saying about us?

Many comment on the personalities of DiRAD. When we hire, we actively remove potential ego-centric personalities. Our team is built on the morals and values that we think make for good teammates. And when it comes to our own customer service? Ultimately – We show up.

Our clients’ biggest compliment to our team is that we’re very responsive. No problem is too big or too small. While our philosophy of ‘do the right thing’ isn’t always the easiest or the cheapest, we think it’s important to go above and beyond for our clients.

For example, a client mentioned in a meeting that they had employees logging voicemails by hand. They had not asked us for anything directly, but our team saw a solution for a problem they didn’t even know they had. Shortly after (or thereafter), we brought to them technology to transcribe the voicemails in easy to review and searchable file formats.

Contact us today so we can show you how we walk the walk and talk the talk.

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