Admissions officers are overwhelmed with the various aspects of enrollment throughout the year. In today’s world, colleges and universities need to do more than send fliers to high schools. With more prospective students doing their research online and debating the value of higher education, it’s up to you to convince them that your institution is for them.

Beyond that, you want to try and find the right prospects. The exceptional students who would thrive at your institution. Thankfully, in today’s world of technology, combined with highly trained agents, this is possible.

Continue to Build Awareness

Awareness campaigns are larger and broader than ever before. Students today are less concerned with prestige and more interested in programs that take cost into consideration, as well as potential job opportunities. Colleges now need to put more effort refocusing their marketing initiatives to hit these pain points for students in the consideration phase.

Ways to do this digitally include:

  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Ads
  • SEO
  • Viral Content Marketing

Reach Out to Prospects

The age-old tradition of pulling student lists from ACT and the College Board is still a great option – But is it worth your admissions officer’s time? These are essentially cold calls that could be outsourced with the right training. Companies like DiRAD provide outsourced contact centers that can take away the headache at the top of the admissions funnel of reaching out to students about to start their college search.

Be Available!

The same outsourced contact center can be used for inquiring students, as well. With small, typically over-worked admissions teams, it’s easy to miss a call or email from students who want more information on the university. Having trained agents, as well as automated text, webchat, and social media support ready to engage students requesting more information will skyrocket enrollment opportunities.

Let your Admissions Officers focus on what they’re best at – selecting the best applicants for your institution! By selecting a contact center to help you at the top of the admissions funnel, you can matriculate the students who best match your college or university’s campus culture. Take some of the burden off your office of admissions and widen the top of your admissions funnel to include a customized contact center. Click here to contact us for a demo.

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