Business Communication Systems

Working From Home in the Age of Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has led to a vast number of employers to consider work-from-home strategies for their employees. While the jury is still out on the virus’s dangers, the fact remains that organizations are getting serious about work-from-home and are asking for help. The major challenges of work-from-home include: Issues with employee…
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woman on IVR phone in office

Reliability Of VoIP Today

For years one of the reasons companies have held off switching from traditional landlines to VoIP technology was that landlines are about as reliable as you can get. While that may be true, the days of VoIP being unreliable are behind us. And the benefits VoIP technology offers have led to a shift, with many…
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man answering a call on a VoIP phone system

How To Choose A Business Phone System

Many professionals tasked with upgrading their business’s phone system do not have a background in communications technology, and may not even know where to start. There is a lot of confusion in the industry, and it can take lots of research to figure out exactly what you may need. To help out anyone who is…
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inside school classroom

How VoIP Phone Systems Can Improve School Safety

Everyone agrees the health and safety of our students is priority number one. Schools, communities, and local leaders want to do all that they can to make schools as safe as possible with the limited resources that they have. And one way that schools are doing this today is by upgrading their phone systems to…
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