Unified communications (UC) is not just another technical business trend to brush off as something you don’t need. When implemented thoughtfully, and properly, Unified communications can make a huge impact on your business.

What is Unified Communication?

Your business communicates in a number of ways. This could include phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, text messaging, chat, messaging services, and document sharing. Right now you probably utilize several different solutions to satisfy these various communication needs. Information shared across one platform can only be accessed via that platform. A unified communications solution brings all of these channels together under one system, allowing them to “talk” to each other. This allows information to be shared and accessed across all channels, no matter where you are.

How Does a Unified Communication Solution Benefit My Business?

UC solutions are beneficial to businesses who wish to streamline their communication processes and future-proof their investment to ensure they keep up with the rapid advances in technologies. Here are 7 ways a unified communication system will improve your business.

  • Improves Collaboration

    Nowadays workers spend a significant amount of time working in remote teams. This requires communication tools to be available across devices and without any media discontinuity. It also requires the mass of information to be managed in a structured way. For instance, knowing immediately what changes have been made to an open project and by whom can prevent duplicate efforts, or overwriting someone else’s work. A UC system makes this type of collaboration simple.

  • Supports Remote Workers

    If you have a remote workforce, a unified communications solution allows your workers to securely access company tools wherever they are. This helps to maintain consistency across multiple channels and locations. It is also great for team members who travel to different vendors or partners on a regular basis.

    Furthermore, if your company has a BYOD policy (bring your own device), unified communications makes it even easier to implement. Your team can access communication tools on their own device through an app or portal. This keeps all data and communication on record or in the company database.

  • Efficiently Communicates

    There are so many different methods of communication available at the fingertips these days.  Perhaps one client only prefers phone calls, but never on a Monday. And another prefers emails to calls, and prefers correspondence in the morning. As you can see, it can make it difficult to keep all these various communication preferences straight. However, by leveraging a unified system, contact information and preferences are stored at one place and can be easily accessed from anywhere. This ensures that you can always use the most efficient method of communication.

  • Integration Capabilities

    Do you utilize a patient communication system or customer relationship management software (CMS)? Your UC platform can integrate with whatever business tool or software you use. This allows you to look up data, pull information, collaborate on a design project, and even send an email all on the one platform. Talk about efficiency.

  • Improves Scalability

    UC systems are set up to only use the data and resources that you need now. This means you will never have to pay for services you do not need. However, unlike traditional communication systems, it is easy to scale and add on resources as your company grows.

  • Saves Money

    Bundled communication services through one reliable vendor can save your business in the same way you get a better deal when packaging cable, phone, and internet services at home. Plus, you get the added benefit of dealing with one company rather than trying to coordinate upgrades or troubleshooting with 10 different companies.

    A cloud-based unified communications platform also removes the need to purchase any expensive hardware. This not only minimizes upfront implementation costs, but any maintenance and upgrade costs in the future.

  • Collects Meaningful Data

    Want to know how many people your sales team has contacted in the last 30 days? How about which channel was the most effective at closing a deal? Unified communication systems have great reporting features to give you the answers to these questions and more.

Strengthen Your Business Communication

Are you ready to leverage the power of unified communications?  We can help your business customize a secure and affordable unified communications system to improve internal communication, workflow processes, and enhance the customer experience for your organization. Let’s talk through your needs!

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