The way that businesses and customers interact is always evolving. From face-to-face meetings to ordering products by mail to online forms, each step was seen as an improvement in some way by both customers and businesses.

And it’s no different with the next step – Business Text Messaging. In today’s day and age, communication between a business and a customer can effectively be done via SMS/text messaging. In fact, many on both sides of the conversation actually prefer to communicate this way.

What Is Business Text Messaging?

Side Note: We are not talking about marketing via text messaging here. We’re talking about consumer-initiated communications or consumer-approved messages. If you are thinking about executing any marketing campaigns with text messaging, it would be wise to research any current laws and regulations you will need to keep in mind.

Business texting can improve customer service, consulting, and negotiating. Any number of conversations that would traditionally be done over a phone line can be had via text.

It can be done from one mobile device to another, which is very convenient for small companies and startups. But the beauty of business texting is that text messaging services can be set up to go through your main phone number to someone at a computer. No new equipment is necessary.

What Are The Ways Text Messaging Can Help Your Business?

The ability for employees to correspond with multiple customers at once. With text interactions, when there is a line of communication open between a customer and an employee, that does not restrict the ability of other customers to reach you. Text interactions allow any employee to correspond with multiple customers at once, without making the client feel like they are going to wait on hold too long.

Lower costs and resources to manage a support team. With the ability for employees to have multiple text messaging chains active simultaneously, you don’t need as many people to handle the phones. If you can guide your customers to engage with your business over text, it becomes cheaper for you.

Easy archiving. Texts are stored in applications like the one DiRAD offers. You can run reports and track interactions in an instant. Customers may also save the texts (even if for a short period of time), so they can reference your response instead of having to call back again.

You’re giving customers what they want. Texting is a preferred method of communication for 18-34 year-olds, even when it comes to talking with businesses. If you cater to this demographic, you need to offer texting.

Customers enjoy the convenience of texting a business. In today’s world, everybody is busy. Finding a dedicated window of time to call and possibly wait on hold is sometimes impossible. Giving customers a texting option so they can shoot you a message with their questions and concerns allows them to go about their day, knowing that an answer will be there when they look at their text messages later.

Text solutions can include popular apps that consumers use. Being able to communicate with your customers on messaging apps they typically use (i.e., Whatsapp and Twitter) only increases the probability they will use it, allowing you to provide a positive customer experience.

Text solutions offer the ability for more comprehensive communications. In addition to the messages themselves, communications via text can include attachments such as photos (i.e., a pic of the problem a customer is having), forms (i.e., the form the customer is looking for), or marketing materials.

How To Get Text Messaging For Your Business

Are you excited about the opportunities that text messaging can bring to your business? Do you have ideas of your own that you are planning to use texting for? Whatever the situation, when you are preparing to introduce a texting solution to your customers, contact DiRAD. Our professionals will help you develop a plan and figure out the best way to implement it within your company.

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