One of the best ways to make your customers happier, relieve some stress on your employees, and make your business more efficient is to utilize chatbots during your non business hours. By offering a chatbot to your customers throughout your off hours, customers can get the answers and support they need on their schedule. The number of employees needed for after hours support is reduced, meaning less odd hour schedules. And by giving certain types of support during off hours, customers who need to actually speak with a representative during normal business hours will get through quicker, as call are now spread out over 24 hours instead of 8 to 12.

Questions And Issues Chatbots Can Assist With After Hours

If you have decided that intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots are the perfect complement to your customer service team, the next step is to plan out what they will actually support with. After your business closes and before it opens again the next day, what are some of the most popular things that chatbots help your customers?

First, chatbots can continue to answer general questions your customers may have. Any answers that have been programmed ahead of time are ready to be sent to customers who ask. Many companies start with the question and answer sheets that representative use, and then they will ask all employees for the most common questions they receive. This is an ongoing process, but once a question/answer pair is programmed into the chatbot customers will be able to get their answer any time, day or night.

Bots can also be integrated with data sources to provide specific information to customers. This could include the status of a customer’s service (i.e., is it in progress or completed), the making or cancelling an appointment, and even reordering a product.

Let’s take a doctor’s office for example. Sometimes a patient gets sick in the middle of the night and needs to see the doctor first thing in the morning. Rather than wait to call when the office opens the next day, they could use a bot to check for openings and setup the appointment immediately. This allows the patient to get a little more rest, and it does not require additional staff for the doctor’s office.

Certain troubleshooting issues your customers may be having during off hours can be remedied by a chatbot. This is definitely something many customers would appreciate. From password resets to interactive problem-solving applications that are industry- and product-specific, there are plenty of common troubleshooting issues that can be solved without a human representative on the other end of the line.

Ready to explore the benefits can provide your business after hours? Give us a call. DiRAD is excited to partner with you to plan and develop an innovative chatbot to improve the customer experience you are offering.

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