Nobody sets out to have an unhappy customer, so when they come to your customer service team with an issue it’s imperative that they create a positive experience. The key aspects of customer service that people look for are empathy, swift action, and easy resolution. All of that is possible with well-trained agents handling each interaction, but in busy seasons, like the upcoming holiday season, or even the possibility of human error, leaves room for positive experiences to swing negative. Here we’ll talk about how you can take cost effective, smart solutions and make them do some of the work for you!

Let Chatbots Do The Easy Stuff

Customers want you to be where they are – online! Chatbots are a great solution for easy access to frequently asked questions that can clog up agent’s time. Chabots also act as a filter for more complex issues that they can then feed to your live agents. They can collect important information from the customer and easily pass them to a live agent for a seamless transition. From the customers perspective, this is preferable to long wait times. Another large bonus – chatbots can be available 24/7!

AI Is Your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) New Assistant

Office environments are evolving and so is the technology inside them. No matter where your representatives are working, on-premise or remote, they can easily access AI-powered services that can help them to provide the best customer experience (CX) possible. There are now “smart advisor” bots that can help your CSRs in real-time. They “listen” to conversations and offer suggestion of relevant responses, as well as providing the most consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information. This kind of personalization makes your customers feel seen and understood, creating a better opportunity for a positive customer experience.

AI Isn’t Just for Customer Support – Managers too!

The amount of data that can filter through a call center is overwhelming. Every interaction comes with notes and fine details that can be hard to make sense of on a larger scale. With AI assistance, there’s no need to pore over and analyze those call logs every year, looking for ways to improve. Now, that data is synthesized for you. A complete overview of the customer experience journey, along with suggestions on how to improve and where to focus your efforts moving forward.

Automation is the future of CX experiences. It enhances the experience for your customer, but it also improves the lives of your live agents. Frees their time for more complex issues and enables them to do their job better. Want to set up a demo? Contact us today.

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