Volatile weather, public health emergencies, and the like are situations that we’re always doing our best to prepare for. There’s a lot of moving pieces when situations like this arise. Whatever can be automated should, so that emergency responders can focus on the tasks that matter. One piece of the puzzle that can be solved with automation is information distribution.

Update App/Website With Information

After you identify the emergency and the message you want to get out publicly, you need to offer an in-depth message on long form platforms like your app or your website. Everything you put out after that will link back to this source. This could be where people can get information about said emergencies, to contact emergency responders, and to track the location of loved ones (depending on the severity of the emergency).

Send Emergency Alerts to Mobile Phones

A great way to get the word out quickly is to have the public sign up for mobile alerts. Mass notification solutions, like DiRAD Reach, allow you to rapidly send voice calls, text messages, and emails. You can let people know to prepare for the next winter storm or to boil water in the case of a water main break, whatever it is that you need the public know quickly. The options are endless and entirely customizable, including different languages!

Utilize Social Media

Share the most important things straight to your public platforms. If for some reason they’re not on your alert lists, they will hopefully see your post about whatever emergency is happening and be able to respond appropriately. Social media is also a more common source of customer interaction. They might message your social channels to ask about the latest emergency information. Things like chatbots allow you to quickly update with the latest information without tying up your live agents.

Use IVR To Get People Where They Need To Go

Another way to ensure lines are clear in an emergency is to utilize an advanced IVR system. With solutions like DiRAD SmartSpeech, the technology does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Answering Frequently Asked Questions without ever going to a live agent, or gathering enough information from the customer ahead of time that the calls become intentional and efficient on both ends. Maybe someone wants to know the latest information about the snow storm, or they need to contact a live agent to receive direct help, whichever case, you will be able to improve customer service and respond 24/7.

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