Government agency provided services are a necessity for millions of people across the United States. Gaining access to those services and the information associated with them should be easy, especially when it’s as important as getting help for housing, childcare, or food. And even though these services are a necessity and not a luxury, there should be no loss in the quality of service given to your citizens.

Customer experience solutions have come a long way as technology has progressed. With these new digital platforms, you can create shorter wait times, 24/7 access to information, and a more personalized experience every step of the way. To do that, you need to:

Define What It Is You Want For Your Constituents

What kind of digital services would best serve your citizens? What languages would be needed for quality interactions? In what way would they want to interact with you? Evaluate the problems already facing them. Maybe you’d like to reduce call volume and offer quick FAQ options.

This is a good time to define what metrics you’d like to follow, as well. What touchpoints do you have now? Where can they be improved upon? Once you answer all these questions, you can make a plan for your customer journey.

Connect All Your Communication Channels

In today’s world you can set up very basic, cost-effective, self-service solutions to get you started. Putting a chatbot in place can be a first touchpoint for constituents. It can answer easy FAQ’s and filter the more complex issues to your live agents. That chatbot can collect interaction details to pass to your agents to make a more seamless transition. Keep everyone informed, each step of the way. Pass details to the agent and let your citizens know where in the journey they are. The more personalized the experience, the better!

Set Your Employees Up For Success

Private entities, as well as government agencies, have proved to be adaptable with the introduction of remote work. Enable your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) by offering them the best technology available. There are AI-powered services that can provide the most consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to your CSRs, plus “smart advisor” bots that can listen to conversations and offer suggestions of relevant responses. It can be available wherever your CSRs are working. The same technology can even identify trends and patterns that can give you actionable data to improve your offerings.

Use Data to Your Advantage

This data will optimize the customer experience journey, improving over time. Large government organizations, no matter how many moving parts, have seen real results by taking their digital support to the next level. With AI assistance, there’s no need to annually pore over and analyze call logs and notes. The data is synthesized for you – giving you an overview of your citizen experience journey. It will easily show you where to focus your efforts and bolster support where your constituents need it most.

Automate What You Can

Organizing government efforts, all within a tight budget, is hard enough as it is. Automate the tedium, while also providing personalized, empathetic service to your citizens, with DiRAD and its contact center solutions. This is the next evolution in digital engagement. Put bots to work and create more positive experiences for the people who matter most – your citizens. Take some of the workload off your CSRs and take your agency into the future.

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