Doing your part for the betterment of the planet can take form in many ways. As an individual, you can recycle, use less water when showering or cleaning dishes, or cut down energy usage in your home. As a company, we’ve seen dramatic shifts towards a greener work environment over the last two years.

Work From Home

Many companies had to make the tough decision to work from home during the COVID pandemic, DiRAD being no exception. Shortly after making the switch to almost 95% of the company working remotely, it was clear to see that there were more benefits than social distancing. Being remote has decreased the consumption of finite resources in multiple ways.

  • With workers no longer commuting, less cars are on the road, equating to less gas being consumed.
  • Entirely cut usage of things like ink.
  • Microsoft Teams and Zoom have enabled us to almost eliminate travel entirely for important meetings around the country.
  • Conferences are mostly remote. 74% of people polled by think conferences should continue to be virtual. Shifting conferences from meeting halls to online platforms can reduce the carbon footprint by 94% and energy use by 90%.

Take a Break – Go For A Walk

At DiRAD, we’re big believers in work life balance. Part of that includes encouraging breaks throughout the workday. It’s easy to get caught up in daily tasks. We believe that in the long run, breaks to take a walk or just go get a coffee will create a happier, more productive employee. It also cuts down on energy usage if everyone powers down their computer before enjoying some fresh air!

Working With Companies That Do Good

We want to give a shoutout to a longtime client of ours, NYC Department of Sanitation. Specifically, their Curbside Composting initiative! NYC brought us on to help streamline this service, all in the name of a greener planet. According to their website, food-soiled paper and yard waste make up a third of the trash New Yorkers throw away. By using Curbside Composting, New Yorkers can turn their food and yard waste into compost that nourishes New York’s soil for healthier parks and gardens. “Composting makes our city more sustainable—we can reduce waste sent to landfills and create clean, renewable energy to heat or power homes.”

We hope more companies take steps towards a greener environment. Little things can go a long way! As much as there is a thing as “Zoom Fatigue”, nobody can deny the benefits of moving meetings and conferences online and taking time for yourself to do things like take a walk.

If you’re a company looking to take your customer service to the next level (while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint!) contact us today. Highly trained remote staffing, custom virtual assistants, and much more.

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