Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Question: What are your hours of operation?

Answer: Our regular business hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday-Friday. Our Emergency Technical Support is open 24x7x365

Question: What products do you sell?

Answer: Innovative communications technology such as VoIP, IVR, voicebots, chatbots, call center software & services, and mass notification solutions.

Question: How old is the company?

Answer: DiRAD Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1984

Question: Where does the DiRAD name come from?

Answer: From the words “digital radio”.

Question: How do I contact technical support?

Answer: You can send an email to techsupport@dirad.com, call 844-806-0060, or go to support.dirad.com.

Question: What is your phone number?

Answer: 518-438-6000

Question: What is your fax number?

Answer: 518-982-0182

Question: What is your service area?

Answer: We provide services nationwide.

Question: What is dirad’s website?

Answer: https://www.dirad.com

Question: Where do I send my resume?

Answer: careers@dirad.com

Question: How do I buy your products?

Call or text us at 518-438-6000 or email info@dirad.com.

Question: What is SIP trunking?

Answer: A service that uses your internet connection to provide telephone line connectivity to your pbx (i.e. goodbye Verizon).

Question: What is VoIP?

Answer: Voice over IP is a technology that sends phone calls over the computer network, right to your phone. DiRAD’s Nextphone is our flagship VoIP offering that brings the latest VoIP innovations to your business at very competitive pricing.

Question: What is IVR?

Answer: Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone solution that provides 24×7 services to callers who can use their voice to navigate menus and lookup specific information.

Question: What is a Chatbot?

Answer: Chatbots leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide an interactive “human like” experience to customers over the web, mobile phones, and social media. Chatbots are “trained” in specific subject matter and can handle personal inquiries, appointments, data lookups, statuses, and anything else you could imagine.

Question: What is a Voicebot?

Answer: A Voicebot is essentially a chatbot that can be reached via phone – much like an IVR.

Question: What’s better, an IVR or a Voicebot?

Answer:  It depends on the application, but Voicebots are increasingly being used instead of IVR for their ability to adapt during a conversation, to provide a more lifelike experience for the caller.

Question: Can DiRAD make a Voicebot for me?

Answer: We design both IVR and Voicebot systems.

Question: Can I get a free trial?

Answer: DiRAD offers free trials and proofs-of-concept projects – contact us and we can discuss how to get started.


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