Are Contact Centers at a Crossroads?

Making the choice to hire a contact center service is an easy one if you want to offer customers better service and engagement around the clock. It makes perfect sense. Serve your customers by getting their questions answered, and their problems solved.   After about 60 years in existence, contact centers have improved practices and…
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5 Qualities All Great Call Center Managers Have

You’ve worked hard to become a good call center manager. Your call center looks at you to keep up performance and make sure quality does not diminish. What you do involves great responsibility… and in some cases, stress. It’s not feasible to maintain work expectations, be overwhelmed by stress, and continue growing. To grow as…
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Company Spotlight – Maria Massa, President and COO

DiRAD is its people – we firmly believe in building a company culture around our personnel and not the other way around. Our low turnover rate on employees is proof of that. This edition of the DiRAD Technologies Company Spotlight features DiRAD’s longest-running employee, President and COO Maria Massa. She didn’t start in that position…
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Why Your Business Needs To Move To Cloud-Based Phone Service

Why your phone system needs to move to the cloud People still think of the phrase, ‘in the cloud’ as a fancy way of meaning ‘expensive premium technology only meant for the enterprise company.’ In fact, cloud technology is simply the delivery of services through a network that allows you to store and share information….
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DiRAD Tech Experiences Growth!

July was an amazing month here at DiRAD. We celebrated independence day with our families, saw great growth in business by welcoming new clients, and most exciting of all – growth on our team! Tracy Liebenow is the new HR Coordinator for DiRAD Technologies, and the team couldn’t be more excited. She comes with years…
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