What to Look for When Outsourcing Customer Care

Increase your company’s profits by selling more. That’s one way to outperform competitors. A smarter way to increase profits is by outsourcing some of your business activities. If you rely on a large volume of customer interactions, it may be time to consider outsourcing customer care. Customer interactions could mean inbound phone calls. It could…
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Free Work From Home Software for Call Centers

Now your call center can efficiently and quickly replace your work from home software, without the huge price tag – We’re proud to offer our communications solutions at the best price available on the market (price match guaranteed) and no monthly contracts! We are the only telecommunications service that offers quality work from home software,…
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When Customer Satisfaction Is Down, Get Up!

Signs of falling customer satisfaction show in different ways. Sometimes it’s poor reviews, customer complaints, or a sudden, high volume of calls. When a sign like higher than normal customer calls occurs, it’s time to act. But, how do you handle it? What’s the best way to respond and address this serious warning sign and…
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How is Covid-19 Affecting DiRAD?

How is Covid-19 affecting you? We’ve been asked that question from vendors, family, and friends. Businesses all around us are suffering as the economy has effectively shut down, due to Covid-19. DiRAD hasn’t been spared from the economic effects. However, telecommunications are essential. It’s a fundamental technology that must operate 24×7. It is critical that…
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The Benefits of Modernizing Your Contact Center

Has it been 10 or more years since your contact center designed? Are you hearing from your customers and employees that others are doing customer service and support better than you? Then now is the perfect time to take a look at what new systems and features are available to businesses that allow them to…
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Call Center Performance Benchmarks

Call center benchmarking is key to managing an efficient call center operation. Not only will the metrics help you save money on your bottom line, but it will also ensure your team is performing optimally, and help you to stay compliant with best practices, and keep up with the competition. By analyzing the data, call…
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Difference Between Contact Centers & Call Centers

What’s the difference between Contact Centers and Call Centers? If you find your business is in the market to revamp how it interacts with customers, knowing the differences (and similarities) between the two types can be important. A simplistic view of how they are different would be this: A Call Center deals just with voice…
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Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Call Centers

Call centers have made some large changes over the past decade. They have evolved from a necessary cost-center with entry-level staff, to an important driver of brand differentiation, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction. If you haven’t upgraded your call center experience, you are falling behind the curve. Adopting voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology can…
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