Virtual Agents are Not the Future

John M. News Leave a Comment

While the hype has been swirling since IBM Watson won at Jeopardy, there has been much discussion around the subject of artificial intelligence, and whether government should unleash this technology on unsuspecting customers. The City of New York chimed in with a resounding YES when they contracted with IBM to provide Watson services in their 311 call center.

DiRAD has been leveraging Cognitive Services like IBM Watson to develop fully-automated virtual agents that provide a human-like experience for users, on a scale that makes this technology affordable for everyone. It’s a natural analog to IVR system development, and may actually replace IVR, leveraging the power of Watson’s Natural Language Recognition. DiRAD is working on an early IBM product that will make it easy to interface voice callers with the power of Watson. Expect major disruption in the communications industry, bringing down prices and saving billions of dollars for government agencies. It’s happening right now.

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