IBM Watson-Powered IVR for Transit Agency

This large transit agency in Virginia needed to replace their legacy IVR system that had promised to deliver natural speech recognition, but never lived up to the customer’s needs. DiRAD’s solution was to implement its own SmartSpeech platform, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) from IBM Watson to handle naturally spoken inquiries from callers using the transit system. DiRAD also leveraged Google Speech to better handle the callers’ often noisy environments. Unlike current speech recognition software, Google is able to ignore extraneous sounds from the caller’s environment.

DiRAD’s SmartSpeech handles thousands of calls per week for the agency, while the solution has exceeded its ROI many times over.

 Call Center Implementation for Memphis Light, Gas & Water

With disparate phone systems and a call center cobbled together with applications from multiple vendors, Memphis Light, Gas & Water selected DiRAD to unify their platform, institute VoIP, and provide a single platform for IVR, Contact Center, Workforce Management, Speech Analytics, and Recording. As a mission-critical, 24-hour operation, the customer needed a reliable software platform, and a company with the expertise to pull it off. Both requirements were satisfied when they selected DiRAD to implement the PureConnect platform from Genesys.

Scheduling and Reminder IVR System for Transit Agency

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) needed a way to allow riders using its Paratransit service to get their pickup information and make changes to their schedules. The agency also needed a cost-effective way to remind thousands of riders of their scheduled pickups. The agency selected DiRAD to provide a SmartSpeech IVR system that resides on the customer’s premises. With over 4,000 reminder calls per day, the system has far exceeded its ROI, and resulted in dramatically reduced no-shows for rides, lowering costs for transit providers and the agency.

Call Center Automation Project for Major Metropolitan Transit Agency

DiRAD is implemented and currently supports a turn-key call center system from Interactive Intelligence that will provide advanced technology allowing the agents to handle massive amounts of calls and chats, while helping to manage costs and accountability at the agency.

The system integrates with the agency’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, as well as their Oracle – Peoplesoft platform. In addition, DiRAD is providing a voice-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to help the agency provide 24×7 service as well as a workforce optimization solution to maximize HR efficiency. Click here to read about how DiRAD partnered with a minority-owned business on the implementation.

Inmate Status System for a Busy Jail

To handle the thousands of calls per week by often frantic callers trying to find the status of an inmate, this busy Florida jail contracted DiRAD to design an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution. Hosted in DiRAD’s cloud with no hardware or software at the customer location, the system is in constant contact with the jail’s JMS system, receiving pushed files full of new inmate data at regular intervals. Click here to read a case study of how DiRAD solved the jail’s problem through automation.

Complete Communications Solution for a Major Online University

DiRAD deployed a 550-seat Genesys PureConnect Call Center and Enterprise IP PBX. The system is integrated with the customer’s Oracle and platforms. As an extremely busy online university serving a global market, the college relies on the Interactive Intelligence system to field calls from a diverse population of prospective and current students.

The system was chosen for its ability to be customized and tailored to the needs of the school. As the college grows and adds offices around the country, the system will naturally evolve while providing a consistent user experience throughout the enterprise.

Statewide Community Alert System

With 14 juvenile detention centers scattered across this Northeast state, department officials wanted a system to alert neighboring communities of any escape events occurring at a specific facility. DiRAD was contracted to provide a cloud-based system that served the communities of all 14 centers. Community members are able to sign up for the service via the website. In the event of an escape, agency staff can quickly activate the alert system, which calls all web registrants for that specific community. Click here to find out how DiRAD’s AlertRT can help provide peace of mind to your community or workplace.

“DiRAD has saved our agency millions of dollars over the years, automating many of our business services. I recommend them highly.”

-Bill S., New York State Health Department

Project Services

Project Management

No matter what size the initiative, DiRAD provides professional project management services as part of the engagement. DiRAD Project Management Services offer cost-effective solutions to help you successfully drive change and move rapidly toward the desired end-state.

User Adoption and Training

DiRAD provides professional onsite training, as well as live web-based and on-demand training to ensure you get the most out of your DiRAD-deployed solution. During a project, DiRAD helps to manage change among your users, providing incremental preparation to ensure day-one user adoption.

Managed Services

DiRAD’s Managed Services offerings range from comprehensive full-service management of your systems, to a-la-carte options that provide flexibility for businesses and government agencies of all sizes.  Whether it’s a large Interactive Intelligence call center or an Office 365 solution for a dozen people, we have you covered.

Technical Support

DiRAD provides integrated support for DiRAD-provided solutions and software including 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive support resources, and ongoing access to updates.  Our advanced support levels provide mission-critical support services for complex environments to help maximize performance, achieve higher availability and reduce risk.

Business Analysis

DiRAD’s Business Analysis Services form the framework for any IT or communications engagement. During complex projects, DiRAD helps to facilitate communication between organizational units. In particular, DiRAD Business Analysts often play a central role in aligning the needs of business units with the capabilities delivered by DiRAD solutions, and may serve as a “translator” between those groups. A properly-executed business analysis process is critical to the success of any project.