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Mobile Apps for Government Require Specialized Experience

With over 60% of worldwide wireless subscribers now carrying smartphones, it’s time to provide a channel to reach them directly. Mobile applications leverage smartphone features to provide a user-friendly portal to your organization. DiRAD provides mobile applications to government agencies that require security, compliance, customization, and complex data source integration. Examples include:

Millions of callers to government agencies are simply asking for the status of something: Where’s my check? Where’s my birth certificate? What’s my number on the waiting list for affordable housing? With Mobile applications, you can offer statuses to repeat users, dramatically reducing calls to your agency.
Many government agencies are running complex back-end systems that have evolved over time. While they are becoming “legacy”, it may be too impractical to replace them. We’ve been challenged many times over the years to integrate legacy systems, and have gained valuable experience. Mobility and Legacy can now co-exist, providing a next-generation customer tool without a forklift upgrade.
While SMS messaging can be effective for alerts and notification, instant delivery of messages is not guaranteed. In the case of an emergency, Push Notification is the most effective method for rapid mass alerting. With DiRAD Push Notification, your people can be alerted instantly, with no limits on the number of devices.
BYOD combined with the need to preserve the chain of evidence has been a challenge for human services and law enforcement agencies. With DiRAD’s Photo-Logger application, photographic evidence can be gathered on a personal device, automatically encrypted and quarantined, and securely transmitted to a back-end database.
Utilize barcodes, RFID tags, pictures & more to greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of your asset tracking.
From fire inspections to code enforcement and status management, DiRAD provides custom applications that are designed specifically for your business processes

Why Choose DiRAD for Mobile Development?

We’ve been integrating user interfaces with back-end data sources for over 30 years. With this in mind, we’ve developed methods of “creative integration” for turning legacy systems data into modern API’s that our mobile apps can securely access.

Development of mobile applications often requires access to sensitive data. As a vetted government contractor, DiRAD is a well-known, US-based application development company with an emphasis placed on security and compliance.

DiRAD stands behind its work with ongoing support. We provide live, US-based support as a standard component of our mobile engagements.

DiRAD Mobile Applications are built with a user-centric approach. DiRAD mobile solutions improve government service delivery, decrease operational costs and enable users to work on any device, providing a seamless and synchronized interface.

“DiRAD has saved our agency millions of dollars over the years, automating many of our business services. I recommend them highly.”

-Bill S., New York State Health Department

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