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Imagine the ability to improve customer service, minimize risk, manage growth and respond 24×7, all while keeping capital investments to a minimum. SmartSpeech provides all of these benefits and more, delivering a consistent user interface across multiple touch points including smartphones, web and machine-to-machine.

DiRAD’s IVR solutions are powering mission-critical applications in government and business throughout the United States. DiRAD IVR is available as a hosted, fully-managed solution or a premise-based system.

DiRAD’s premise-based IVR platforms are designed for self-hosting, and require little to no hardware to operate. Offerings range from micro-units running 4-port applications, to large-scale platforms running millions of calls. Typical SmartSpeech features include:

  • Hosted or Premise-Based
  • Virtual Machine Capability
  • Speech Recognition
  • Integration with AI applications – use IBM Watson and Google Speech to drive your IVR conversation
  • Advanced Text-to-Speech
  • Browser-Based Administration
  • Integration with many back-end data sources including SQL, Oracle, Web Services, Batch File Transfer, and others
  • .NET Architecture with open extensibility to current and future third-party applications and devices

Add a Virtual Call Center

Avoid PBX hassles and run your call center on our platform. Transfer calls to agents via the web, with no phone required.

Compare Hosted vs. Premise IVR

Hosted IVR
  • Full-service IVR project management, business analysis, development and support
  • Secure integration with industry-standard databases via connectivity options such as ODBC and Web Services
  • Caller interface options, such as touch-tone, speech recognition, and multiple language capability
  • Elastic, burstable capacity to handle spikes in call traffic
  • Inbound and outbound call handling
  • Fully integrated with DiRAD’s Nextphone Contact Center Platform
  • CTI (screen pop) integration with most major ACD systems
  • Fully integrates with IBM Watson, Google Speech, and Amazon Lex & Polly
  • Web- and mobile-accessible customized reports
  • Predictable, usage-based costs
  • No capital investments in equipment or telephone infrastructure
  • DiRAD handles all maintenance, support, updates and monitoring
  • Leverage DiRAD’s IVR development expertise
  • Eliminates turn-around time when modifying applications
Premise IVR
  • Non-proprietary IVR applications designed on the .NET platform
  • Pure SIP application supports integration with SIP-based PBX systems such as Cisco and Avaya, as well as analog connections via gateway appliances
  • Runs as a virtual machine in VMware or Hyper-V environments
  • Back-end data source integration to industry-standard databases
  • Mainframe integration via web services and terminal emulation
  • CTI (screen pop) integration with onsite PBX systems
  • Browser-based administration and reporting
  • Resides securely at your facilities
  • Virtual Machine support plus SIP trunking to provide a truly hardware-free solution with dramatic cost savings
  • Supports multi-tenant architecture for self-hosting and provisioning
  • Runs on your network as a familiar .NET Microsoft application

“Mutually beneficial relationships are one of our core values, and we truly value the relationship between AKA and DiRAD.”

-Scot Bobo, AKA Enterprise Solutions

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