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Notification and Alerting are becoming buzzwords for a very important service that government and businesses utilize to reach many people and things at once, in a hurry. Emergencies dealing with weather, shootings, environmental disasters, and terrorism are all events which drive organizations to secure a notification tool that can warn as many people as possible in the smallest amount of time.

While many notification systems exist in the marketplace, most of them are fixed-feature products that may or may not serve your organization’s unique needs. DiRAD provides custom notification solutions that can reside in the cloud or on your premise, and are driven by a feature-rich web interface.
DiRAD has created a number of outbound solutions for customers who had specific requirements that couldn’t be met by commercial off-the-shelf systems. Examples include:

  • Defendant Reminder System to serve as part of a pre-trial diversion strategy, decreasing incarcerations for lack of bail.
  • Statewide, Neighborhood Notification System to alert residents when an inmate escapes from one of several detention facilities.
  • Utilities Shut-off Warning System for customers delinquent on their accounts. Such a system can present the customer with payment options during the call, avoiding a shutoff.
  • Emergency Notification for Employees which integrates with Active Directory to provide voice, SMS, and email notifications to staff, no matter where they are working.
  • Mass Notification System for retired police officers, providing a major city with extra help during emergencies, with the ability to sort by skillset (bomb-sniffing dog handlers, for example).

Notification Features include:

  • Outbound notification via mobile, PSTN, SMS, Push, and custom endpoints
  • Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, Oracle, and web service-based API’s
  • All data written to SQL and available to the customer
  • Robust, user-friendly web interface
  • Inbound IVR status applications
  • Integration with Cisco phone displays
  • Sensor Integration
  • Conferencing and transfer capabilities
  • Support for multiple languages

For a more “packaged”, yet extremely flexible solution, check out AlertRT.

“DiRAD has saved our agency millions of dollars over the years, automating many of our business services. I recommend them highly.”

-Bill S., New York State Health Department

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