Solutions for Government Agencies

Experience and Integrity

With over 30 years of public sector experience, DiRAD has been a leader in providing IT and telecommunications solutions for government agencies nationwide. DiRAD’s various federal and state contracts provide a hassle-free purchase vehicle with preferred pricing. This also means that DiRAD has been vetted as a company with a solid reputation and sound business practices.

Solutions Tailored for Government

The challenges faced by government agencies are often unique to the public sector. Government cannot be “run like a business” when the mission is service rather than profit. A looming challenge in this environment is the constant pressure to provide responsive services to constituents at a lower cost.  DiRAD’s government solutions can help you address the following requirements:

Do More With Less

Budgets for government agencies may be shrinking, but public expectations are higher than ever. DiRAD can help you develop and implement a communications strategy that will better serve your population base even during times of fiscal austerity.

Provide 24×7 Service

At DiRAD, we understand that we no longer live in a 9-to-5 world and that you need to maintain high levels of service at all times, not just during standard office hours. Our solutions are designed to assist your clients in connecting with you on their schedules.

Reach People Where They Are

Despite the widespread adoption of the Internet and mobile interfaces, there is still a sizable percentage of the population – including many consumers of government agencies (social services, child welfare, food stamps, etc.) – with limited or no online access. DiRAD can assist you in finding or developing the right communications solution to reach these users.

Our Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Applications specializing in Social Services, Human Services, Public Health, Transportation and Emergency Response. Learn more.

Contact Center Implementation

Provides the most efficient means possible to serve the most clients with your limited resources. From voice to web chat to email queuing, the bidirectional flow of information between you and your public is maximized. Learn more.

Cloud-Based Enterprise IP/PBX

A voice provider that takes care of its customers – not a big carrier devoid of human support. DiRAD Technologies ConnectRT provides all the next-gen features of VoIP, with full-service implementation support. DiRAD hosts its own infrastructure, ensuring that your solution is just one call away. Learn more.

Mass Notification and Alert Solutions

Instantly inform your employees and residents during emergencies, providing multiple channels of communication to ensure maximum exposure. Learn more.

Mobile Applications

Interact with clients and customers on smartphones and other mobile devices. Be where your audience will find you. Learn more.

“DiRAD’s technical support staff are amazing. They’ve been there for us whenever we need them — day or night.”

-Dave T., New York City Department of Health

Various statewide contracts have been awarded to DiRAD via rigorous competitive bidding processes. DiRAD is a New York State Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), and a New York City WBE. Statewide Contracts Include:

DiRAD also holds term contracts in states throughout the U.S.

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