Skype for Business Begins PSTN Preview

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Microsoft has released a preview edition of Skype for Business that provides Cloud PBX with PSTN calling. In addition, PSTN Conferencing is being released in this preview. Select vendors, including DiRAD Technologies, have been invited to participate in the preview along with their customers. This is one of the last steps before the product is released for general availability. Cloud …

Get Word, Excel and Powerpoint – New on Android Phones

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Microsoft just released Android versions of their ubiquitous Office applications — available for download now. Made for Today’s Mobile Workforce With a touch-friendly interface and the same look and feel of Microsoft Office, you can view, edit, and share documents from your phone. Enjoy Premium Features With premium features included with your Office 365 subscription, you also can track changes …

Skype for Business Adds Voice

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Microsoft’s Office 365 Lync client has been up and running for several years now, providing Instant messaging, presence and video and Audio conferencing.  But voice has been noticeably absent. A few years ago in a halfhearted attempt,  Microsoft partnered with telecom companies, especially in Europe, to try and piece together some kind of cloud voice offering. It unceremoniously tanked. Then …

Lync Making a Big Impact on Enterprise Voice Market

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Based on a survey of U.S. enterprise customers (500+ employees), T3i Group’s InfoTrack for Unified Communications report finds 95% of those surveyed are currently conducting, plan to conduct or have completed trials of Lync and 89% of those included or will include enterprise voice in the trials. In addition, 79% said they are either currently deploying or planning to deploy …

Lync in 90% of Fortune 100

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90 out of the 100 companies on the Fortune 100 are Lync customers. Not too shabby. You would be amazed at how cost-effective Lync can be for a small to medium-sized business, especially as it’s offered via Office 365. You can get a free trial of Lync online as part of Office 365 right here.

Microsoft Adds Real-Time Translation to Skype

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(Business Insider) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company plans to launch a real-time translation tool for Skype before the end of this year. He just announced this at the Code Conference in Southern California. On stage, an English-speaking Skype executive, Gurdeep Pall, called up a German-speaking Skype executive, Diana Heinrichs. They held a 5-minute conversation. The first executive would …